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by:TONDA     2020-05-29
Protect privacy, shade, light, warmth retention property and simple decoration, each use of the curtain, first made with this base, choose the curtain when there will not be a big mistake. Choose what is the main purpose of the curtain? A set of house, the most important, the illicit close sex of the bedroom, bathroom, therefore, the choice of the curtain when consider the color and thickness, especially at night after turn on the light, the outside can see the activities of the people in the room. And the area such as sitting room, study, kitchen, don't have to hide what, can choose the curtain of light some. Some housing is L, or floor spacing is small, if you don't want movements are exposed in the line of sight of neighbors, then there should be a perennial hang curtain, the curtain, should not only have good pervious to light quality, and to keep out the line of sight of the outside. Live in a layer or villa residence also has such problem, at least two layers of curtain installation. Buy curtains first understand purpose again see material pledge good cleaning in the future if you have towards the Windows of the east or west, home sun is the most important use of the curtain. Shade curtains can keep out light, but also maintain indoor brightness, this is also for environmental protection and energy saving. Adjacent to the main house, night lights, billboards, light also is very strong, in order to have a restful sleep, need to be thicker curtain shade, but don't cause the effect of opaque, so it's not convenient in the middle of the night. For house hardbound, the curtain cloth art is the leading role of decorate, purely decorative curtains, without too much consideration fabric type, as long as the good match with home decoration. Some Windows, purely for the sake of pervious to light, window not good-looking, also can be modified through the curtain. Seasons, the curtain should also have DongXiaZhuang, cold winter, thick curtain can be on the look and feel to the warm index increase greatly. In the audio-visual room, thick curtain at the same time, undertake the task of shading and sound-absorbing, cut off the noise outside, and to make indoor sound better. Choose good cleaning cloth is the most important removal of pattern, the curtain cloth of its thickness, fiber composition and are made special processing to produce a great impact on the future use. Choose cloth, window toward tend to be affected. The window facing south, the light is good, gauze, thin cotton or silk cloth is more appropriate. North room, often cold gray, should choose warm color and some of the massiness curtain, increase temperature. Heating usually installed below the window, should be good material heat-resisting performance, at the same time also will not stand in the way of heating heat into the room. Room facing east or west, every day after several hours of intense sunshine, want to use through special processing of fabric, or a neutral color of fabric, otherwise it will fade or discolor, best can also contains certain heat insulation performance. The fabrics of natural fiber and cotton fiber silk wool hang down feeling good, and feel comfortable, is very good fabric. Only the stimulation of natural fiber is not suitable for high temperature, strong light, so you can't use in a western room. Artificial fiber or synthetic fiber fabric, through special processing, the shrink proof, crease resistant is better than the natural fiber fabrics and discoloration resistance, higher practicability.
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