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by:TONDA     2020-05-05
This summer, the temperature began to gradually decline, feeling is more obvious in the morning and evening, at that time our home and it's time to change, especially the household textile parts, and to focus on the season of choose and buy, home textiles, including curtain ( The curtain decoration) , bedding, towels and so on are, which is closely linked with our health and especially need to pay attention to quality, so the summer home textiles is important to choose to pay attention to both inside and outside. Pick look heavy connotation of choose and buy curtains prevent formaldehyde according to authoritative organization investigation, by the world health organization (who) for a class of carcinogens formaldehyde has become China's current urban new decorate family of main pollutants, 6 into the above new decorate family is more than the formaldehyde in the indoor environment control standards of the state. But most consumers only know formaldehyde from the family is decorated use man-made board, composite floor or furniture, did not know that indoor decoration and decorative cloth, curtain cloth art furniture, can cause indoor environment formaldehyde pollution. Association of Chinese interior decoration indoor environment monitoring center expert warns customer, when buying a curtain cloth to note: 1, smell smell: if the product sends out a stimulating smell, there may be residual formaldehyde, had better not be bought; 2, choose design and color: when choosing color, with light color attune of choose and buy advisable, formaldehyde exceeds bid, dyeing fastness of risk will be smaller; 3, see varieties: the choose and buy the shrink proof, crease resistant, soft, flat quite when finishing the fabric and curtain products be careful, pay attention to the fabric label is formaldehyde content. In addition, when using, pay attention to: 1, to buy back the curtain should be fully soaked in clean water, washed, in order to reduce the formaldehyde content in the residue on the fabric; 2, some of the direct contact with the skin such as sheet, quilt cover textiles also contains formaldehyde inside, must be washed again after use. 3, conditional can hang curtain cloth in the outdoor ventilated place after washing drying, and then use; 4, if the room window is more, can choose the curtain of different materials, such as Venetian blinds, shutter, etc. 5, can buy bracketplant, such as green plant, can effectively absorb the curtain on the windowsill release of formaldehyde, fully purify air. Towel is better choose heavy handle loop high and dense towel when the choose and buy, also cannot simply look at design and color, and should choose fluffy texture, soft towel. Terry towel with high had good water imbibition and water storage properties, due to the fabric surface covering a layer of annular loop, the height of the loop is closely related to the quality of the towel. Other things equal, terry and high fabric, long service life. Towels should be paid attention to at the same time, avoid by all means is hard, so as not to hurt the skin. In general, the high quality towels feel is soft, fluffy and elastic. In addition, the family also can do some quality identification when in the use of towels, such as the drip on the new towel can quickly be absorbed, explain absorbent towels. High quality towel when use elastic and friction feeling, water won't rub off. Inferior towel water imbibition is poor, when using, lax, inelastic, feel satiny, rub off badly when launching, stimulate the damage to skin and eyes. In addition, as far as possible choose pure cotton products, color with light and medium advisable. Consumers can use 'burn' ways to verify whether the selected towel cotton - — Extract a silk thread from towel with fire, if the residue is hard ball, then is not pure cotton towel.
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