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Tell you to choose the curtain curtain manufacturer - five points Tonda home textiles co. , LTD

by:TONDA     2020-05-30
The curtain is one of the important soft adornment in household decoration, different style and color of the curtains can build different decoration effect, if the owners want to easily let home has good decoration effect and the choice of the curtain is absolutely can't be ignored. Reporter discovery, many owners when choosing curtains, just look at the design and color of the curtain, but ignore the size of the curtain, but the size of the curtain is very important for the final adornment effect of the curtain. The curtain of choose and buy is exactly what points need to be aware of? One, the material of the curtain in general, the sitting room, bedroom and study, can choose the curtain of the same material, if you don't want to bother with the curtain to choose thick or thin material material, the best is to choose double curtain, inside layer is thin material, the outside layer is thick material, so that you can easily transform according to the variation of seasons and the weather curtains. Second, the curtain of the sitting room and a study of design and color of the curtain had better choose bright color, the color can let a person feel refreshed, easy to create a lively atmosphere, learning to talk with friends or work; The curtain of the bedroom is the best choose warm color to move, this color is easy to create a warm atmosphere is helpful for people to rest sleep. Three, the quality of the curtain in the chosen material and design and color of the curtain, need to do is to check the quality of the curtain, this need to contrast the characteristics of all kinds of fabric, before the choose and buy when the choose and buy and see what you see before the choose and buy the curtain cloth conform to their cloth characteristics, if meet, you can pay for the choose and buy. The size of the four, the size of the curtain curtain is not simple as long as can obscure window, if the length of the curtain, shorter than width, there is no good decorative effect, in general, length is longer than the width of the curtain looks the best effect, if the area of the window is very big, the owner can hang a few on this big window curtain, it is better than a big, wide curtains look good many. Five, curtain rod and decoration style collocation for the choice of the curtain rod mainly is the choice of the color and style, can according to the household decorates a style and curtain cloth in the main colour collocation of different color of the curtain rod, make bedroom whole colour aesthetic harmony. For example, most of the people of a family to decorate now mainly with contracted style is given priority to, should select colour popular modelling simple curtain rod, such as: black, white, silver, annatto color, walnut color, log color. Curtain of choose and buy tips: 1, some curtains for measuring dimension precision demand is higher, Suggestions on the floor, ceramic tile, window after the completion of the marble mesa laid the measurement again. 2, curtain installation when the dust is small, do not need to worry about the installation of cleaning problem. Considering the clean curtain fabric, curtain installation the timing of the persons to decorate in the bedroom is finished. But it takes time to design and manufacture of the curtain, in order to be able to timely and comfortable, best can leave 15 days or so. 3, window screen color is light, but clairvoyant sex is too strong, you can add a layer of cloth after wire netting. According to their own needs, you can do together, can also be separated. 4, to calculate the total, and merchants have to decide if we have all the required materials, accessories, etc. All in orbit, or pay the deposit, and might got a phone call from such and such things is less.
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