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by:TONDA     2020-05-30
When the curtain of choose and buy can consider from the following points: ( 1) Design style. We know there are many types of curtain design style. These styles associated with interior design style. So, the choice of the curtain, design style is the first requirement. That is to say, all elements of the curtain, the first thing to matching with indoor style. At this point, you need more consulting the opinions of the interior designer, so that the design and interior design style of the curtain. ( 2) Health and safety. From pull open the curtain in the first morning light, in the morning to the evening before bedtime to draw the curtains into peaceful sleep, curtains, almost all the time in the daily life with us. The first important indicators, therefore, choose the curtain is be sure to check the material of the curtain, a harmful substances such as formaldehyde, must never as new curtains into our home. You can choose by smell, the smell to recognize whether there is formaldehyde smell, if the product sends out a pungent odor, there may be residual formaldehyde, had better not be bought. When choosing color, with light color attune of choose and buy advisable, the risk of formaldehyde will be smaller. ( 3) Maintain clean. Average household curtain replacement frequency of cleaning is not high, use fixed number of year is longer. Curtain with a long, hard to avoid some stains and dirt contamination, this time, the curtain screens are convenient maintenance cleaning, and not easy deformation, shrinkage, became a key problem. Imagine originally beautiful curtain, turned into a horse knit cloth after cleaning, think about when you buy the curtain expensive cost, this let the consumer is chilling. General fabric, after washing shrinkage and deformation will happen are more or less. So, when the curtain of the choose and buy you should consider whether it is easy to clean, will shrink when washed deformation, and the fabric use what material to use detergent to clean, choose the curtain of a good-looking and practical. ( 4) Flame retardant performance. Textile flame retardant properties of the relationship between the consumer's personal property safety, our country compulsory standards GB50222 'code for fire protection design of architectural interior decorative fabric (within the family Such as cloth curtain, curtain, bedspread, furniture, etc. ) Flame retardant requirements and test methods have made relevant provision. Specified requirements of underground civil building decoration fabric flame retardant performance must achieve B1 level requirements. Residential and hotel bedspread in high-rise civil buildings to achieve B1 level requirements, and cloth of curtain, curtain and furniture package depending on the buildings and Spaces are to meet the requirements of grade B1 and B2. Therefore, you need to consider when the curtain of choose and buy products flame retardant performance.
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