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Tell you to cocoon silk textile manufacturer - production process Tonda home textiles co. , LTD

by:TONDA     2020-05-23
Only know cover silk by, but I do not know how the silk by silk step by step into a silk from cocoons, from the small round thing, become a little bit of it. Today we will tell you to cocoon silk industrial process. Silk process, silk is technics of process, equipment, operating the cocoons into the process of raw silk. 1, sericulture, face big quality thick mulberry leaf is the key to science of sericulture. Of course, diligence is the most important! 2, choose cocoon: mulberry silk cocoon quality the first level is selected. Spring cocoon best, followed by autumn cocoon. 3, cocoon cooking: quality be soaked, boiled water, do not add any chemicals, make sericin sufficient relief. Sericin is not fully relief, will become the macula, block. 4, cleansing: with their thumb from the top of the silkworm cocoon through. Not with mechanical or edge cutting. Otherwise, will become short silk filament. And then, get rid of silkworm chrysalis, cocoon sand and other impurities. The process was not well done, not only wire is short, there will be countless silkworm sand black spots and dust particles. 5, the small lantern ring: practician set on his left hand, beginners can make bamboo is little ring. 6, large sets of rings: small lantern ring after the completion of the large set of ring pull stretch, making it a hat shape, about 30 cm long. 7, in order: general drying in overcast light place, make its natural order. Sun exposure, will directly destroy the molecular structure of silk that produce color change and qualitative change. 8, silk sets: white hat shape. Silk by inner wire tire raw materials. 9, drawing: on the 'strong light reflection wiredrawing machine', by a skilled drawing work ( 4 people) Together wire drawing, the shop is made from a variety of specifications of the wire inside tire. Within 10, finished product: wire tire finished product after turn, quilting process into finished products. Silk smooth, breathable, soft, moisture absorption, not might itch and antistatic characteristics make it an excellent material for close-fitting clothes, have more with silk as endoplasmic silk by and personal warmth, fluffy soft, breathable health care and other unique qualities and advantages.
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