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Tell you what are the curtain type - curtain manufacturer Tonda home textiles co. , LTD

by:TONDA     2020-05-29
The kinds of the curtain has a lot of, the next, small make up according to the different raw materials and carried out in accordance with the style of the different division, for all kinds of the curtain. According to the different division of raw material velvet curtain environmental health; Novel fashion, convenient cleaning dye and fiber produces chemical reaction, can penetrate deeply into the depths of the fiber, soft, hang down feeling good, the opposite of fabric color depth, with a strong color fastness. Cotton and linen cloth curtain curtain to good wet absorption, soft, as curtain cloth fabric, and the role of a certain adsorption dust in the air; Lack of elasticity and not crisp, easy to wrinkle after cleaning; Aluminum plastic shutter curtain shutter shade shading effect is good, permeability is strong, but unlike cloth gauze shade to block the effect of the flies. So the shutter is more suitable for installation in the kitchen of household, available water to wash away the oil. Wooden weave woven wood blinds can build a kind to return uncut jade to put in feeling, divided into wood weaving, bamboo weaving, reed, cane knits. Wood woven curtain display can show style and taste, in the home basic not pervious to light but has good air permeability, it is applicable to the household of pure natural style.
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