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by:TONDA     2020-04-01
As the summer solstice, the hot weather will continue to continue, the cool night will no longer come back, the mosquito is wanton season is coming, want to healthy drive midge, start from the side details. Shijiazhuang home textile manufacturer small make up today to say green drive midge method! The method of green drive midge: 1: pay attention to hygiene in the home, don't there is water storage, eliminate mosquito breeding, from the source to prevent mosquito breeding. 2: vitamin B by the metabolism of human body, from the eduction in sweat will produce a special smell, can drive midge. Blue product home textiles manufacturers therefore suggest eating brown rice, beans, dried fruit, nuts, peanut, fruit, green vegetables, dairy, tree, seafood and other foods rich in vitamin b. 3: wear light color such as yellow, white can reduce the risk of be bitten by a mosquito. Against mosquito phototaxis, joy and largely nocturnal habits of high temperature and damp environment can shut down in the evening indoor lighting, open the Windows and doors, mosquitoes fly to the outdoor, screen window screen door closed again, avoid mosquitoes fly into. 4: choose drive midge home textiles, spinning drive midge fibers of the home textiles research centers to launch into fiber wormwood extract, give home textile drive midge effect, tsao light fragrance, can not only annoys mosquitoes, can also relax the body, into the deep sleep state. Ok, shijiazhuang textile factory small make up here, there is a problem you are welcome to call shijiazhuang spinning le textile co. , LTD. !
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