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Textile factory tell you home textiles daily maintenance method at 8 o 'clock Tonda home textiles co. , LTD

by:TONDA     2020-05-24
Home textile products more and more, is not only the bed is tasted, many textile has become an indispensable part of the household soft outfit, have cotton, fiber, silk, anyway, daily maintenance are indispensable. 1. Mat can use double conversion, should turn over once a week, make wear uniform distribution. 2. Avoid direct sunlight, especially should try to avoid the sunshine outdoor or bureau minister time exposure for cloth art furniture as a whole, it put the position best can avoid sunlight to come in, or use the translucent gauze curtain separates the sun point-blank. In this way, both neither can affect indoor daylighting to soft light for the bedroom add how much sweet and romantic emotional appeal, at the same time protecting the indoor furniture. 3. Vacuum at least once a week, especially pay attention to removing dust between the fabric structure. 4. Keep the furniture parts against the wall with wall of 0. 5 to 1 cm clearance. 5. Such as stained with besmirch, usable and clean dishcloth touchs water wipe, lest leave print, had better wipe from besmirch periphery case. Velvet furniture cannot touch water, should use dry cleaner. 6. All the tubes and bushing should be cleaned to dry-clean means, cannot be washed, bleaching is prohibited. 7. Should avoid to take sweat be soiled, water be soiled and slimy dirt to sit on the furniture, so as to ensure the service life of furniture. 8. If found loose thread, do not break with the hand, used scissors cuts in order to smooth. Household daily maintenance and there are many details, textile materials is becoming more and more rich, recently, the development of functional fibers have sprung up, also more and more application in textiles, such as in the aspect of maintenance is better than the traditional cotton more convenient.
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