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by:TONDA     2020-05-23
Bought new mattress is a layer of transparent film packing, need to tear off the film? This issue has baffled many people. You can never do wrong, failed to live up to the idea behind the hebei textiles processing plant. Mattress film many friends bought new mattress, when using, worry about mattress dirty inconvenience to clean, so will not tear the mattress outside transparent film, in fact, this practice, is harmful to human health! Manufacturer chose film packaging mattress, is to prevent the mattress in the process of transportation with besmirch, oh, quite so mattress packaging. Don't cry because it is afraid of the mattress with dirty and not tear, continue to look down, hebei textile manufacturer will teach you how to easily clean the mattress! Remove the benefits of film mattress buy back must tear film, otherwise it will affect the service life of the mattress. Because the mattress in use process, easy to absorb moisture in the air and the body's sweat, but film airtight, so will the water vapor in the mattress. Long airtight mattress moldy easily, cause small spiders, breeding ground for bacteria. And the smell of the plastic film has stimulation to the human body, must remember torn off. Maintenance method of mattress mattress to maintain a longer service life, it is comfortable to sleep a lot, hurry to see the mattress maintenance tips. 1, time to flip the mattress, on average, two to three months can flip a mattess, this mattress to force uniform, use longer. Less 2 edge, mattresses, bed horn sit mattess is, after all, soft and elastic, often sit mattess can let its outward sag, uneven uneven lead to mattress. Although there are 3, keep the mattress clean mattress sheet protection, but also should clean regularly, in order to avoid be affected with damp be affected with damp bacterium, the influence is healthy. The mattress clean method actually mattess is not difficult to clean up, can good method used for a few minutes, no wash! 1, prepare a spray bottle, white vinegar, water, some paper towels or towel and baking soda, mix water and some white vinegar into a spray bottle and spray on the mattress with the place of besmirch, 3, and then use towel to wipe clean the prepared baking soda evenly sprinkled on the mattress, let stand for 10 minutes, 4 on the mattress with cleaner suck soda ash thoroughly clean 5, and finally put the mattress in ventilated place half a day later it completely clean!
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