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by:TONDA     2020-05-24
Tencel has proprietary high quality performance in the spring and summer, more and more get the welcome of the market. Because many consumers are not too easy to identify, some, such as cotton, polyester and viscose as tencel. There is imitation tencel on market, for example, generally adopts viscose and polyester, is a lot cheaper than tencel. Tencel how to identify true and false tencel? 1, look Tencel logo Tencel ( Tencel) Is the world's 500 Austrian lenzing company r &d and production enterprises, extracted from eucalyptus pure natural wood pulp fiber, the whole process of weaving non-toxic, non-polluting, known as 'a dream of fibers in the 21st century'. In the wet state, it is the first kind of wet strength is far better than the cotton cellulose fibre. One hundred percent pure natural materials, combined with the manufacturing process of environmental protection, let the lifestyle in order to protect the natural environment for this. A sign of the tencel only true of lenzing tencel fabric can use this flag, quality and reliable. 2, see composition, 100% lyocell we first depends on the composition of the trademark products, if the businessman said the tencel fabric is with you, and you see the component content is 100% other fiber, that you see the touch is not really tencel! Labeled '100% lyocell' is the true tencel. 3, burning time burn tencel USES wood pulp fiber, so the conditional case, can extract the fabric or filling material above a fiber or yarn for combustion. Real tencel, burning when combustion, such as cotton fiber, ash has the flavor of the burn, the ashes of a twisting becomes a powder, and polyester have pungent smell. 4, the classification of tencel, tencel, feel cool, smooth, soft, hanging, bright five characteristics. Tencel 4 times inside actually classification also pretty is much, popularization, units of the yarn count is said thickness, the higher the count of yarn is more thin, reflected in the fabric density is more dense, nature will feel more comfortable. There are forty days silk covered 4 times, 60 s day 4 times, 60 s tencel products relatively high-end products, especially in the 80 s, 80 s tencel density compared with 40 s tencel twice as high, is the absolute high-end varieties on the market. Tencel, as a kind of high-grade fabrics, the price is not too cheap, you as long as a little attention when buy won't fall for it. Natural environmental protection of tencel fiber is the escort of your health, bring you a comfortable sleep experience, false tencel may bring harm to you and your family's health!
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