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by:TONDA     2020-04-01
First washing slight discoloration is more normal, according to the national standard, also allow the home textiles product appear floating color. market is very chaotic now, all kinds of brands, various channels of products is very messy. When buy, in addition to see the price, but also see the fabric content on the label, manufacturers and other important information. At the current cost of production, a set of 40 weave 4 times the cost of not less than 200 yuan, the price is. The current home textile products production factory, often imported from upstream channel lining, directly processed into finished products; Have a plenty of imported printing blank, own further printing and dyeing. In regular enterprise, whether dye or billet, possess professional laboratory, the upstream raw material inspection, to prevent the quality problem, so in the current market situation, choose a big brand is the safest way. Consumer bedding rub off if there is something wrong? Many consumers believe that a touch water bed former rub off 'normal'. Consumer Mr Zhang said: 'a contain cotton textile former water will rub off, is acceptable, should not belong to quality problems. 'Also some consumers do not agree with this view. Consumers xing said: 'now products should not touch water decoloring, if rub off particularly serious, must be quality has a problem. 'Brand for the first time to rub off' tolerant 'the Beijing news reporters found that most of the brands of' water rub off 'tolerance. Search in the jingdong mall, the word 'bed is tasted', ranked higher ChengHong home textiles sales customer service staff, told reporters: 'this brand a bath bed former may be slightly floating color, but after guarantee won't appear similar situation. 'And the other store customer service staff, said:' the brunet series such as red for the first time washed with floating color, but the velvet material series water won't rub off, the dyeing way is different, so the water after the reaction is also different. 'Experts rub off serious or there is a problem for the first time according to the national textile Zhou Shixiang, director of the customer service of the products quality supervision and inspection center, a water rub off is normal of the textile products. Printing and dyeing cloth, in general there will be a layer of floating color, washed once will not rub off. But if rub off badly, possible quality problems.
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