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Textile manufacturer told you yarn thickness density determines fabrics - home textile products Tonda home textiles co. , LTD

by:TONDA     2020-05-23
One is the count. 1 gram of the yarn length is how many meters, what is called, the higher the yarn count, yarn is more thin, in this yarn woven cloth is the thinner, the cloth will be soft and comfortable. The second is density. Density refers to the fabrics in the unit length of the root of the number of how many yarn, density, the greater the demand for manufacturing technology and the cost is higher, the bed is tasted, the better the quality. Third, the shrinkage. National standard shrinkage within 4%, bed is tasted raw material is different, have different shrinkage. In general, cotton bedding washing shrinkage, the biggest synthetic fibre such bed is tasted shrinkage is smaller. In addition, the density of the fabric is different, have different shrinkage, density is lower, the greater the shrinkage. Four is color fastness. Color fastness to perspiration, refers to the product washing, rubbing color fast. Color fastness to directly affect the human health and the product is beautiful. Poor color fastness of bed is tasted in use touch sweat, such as fabric pigment loss will fade, the dye molecules can be absorbed by human body through the skin and a health hazard. When consumers will buy home bed is tasted, more need to pay attention to the maintenance of bed is tasted, the sun king bed is tasted experts remind you: quilts don't long time exposure, the ultraviolet ray can antivirus, in the sunlight and wind, under the joint action of the quilt in the adsorption of harmful bacteria and microbes can be rapidly removed. The choice of pillow height also has exquisite, pillow will be subject to the spine straight when lie on your side, too high too low will cause the discomfort of sleep. Which is the best way to store the quilts and pillows in a permeability good cotton cloth bag. Vacuum plastic bags to save, more save a space, suitable for synthetic fiber filler.
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