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Textile manufacturers said the five kinds of silk fabrics quality simple identification method Tonda home textiles co. , LTD

by:TONDA     2020-05-23
The five kinds of silk fabrics is good or bad simple identification method is as follows: 1, observe the luster. Pure silk luster soft and uniform, bright but not harsh. Artificial silk luster is also bright, but not soft smooth mesh. The luster of the polyester yarn is uniform, but have a flash or light silk. Nylon silk luster is poorer, like coated with a layer of waxy feel. 2, touch feeling. You have handle feeling touch real silk fabric, but not for other HuaQianPin this feeling. Artificial silk smooth soft, but not crisp. Cotton silk touch more stiff and soft. 3, a closer look at the crease. When the hand pinch silk after let go, because of its good elasticity, no crease. Rayon fabric let go after the noticeable crease and crease is difficult to recover. Nylon silk, although have crease, but also can slowly recover, so don't be fooled by the illusion of 4, fiber tensile test. In take out a few fiber fabric edge and wetting it with the tongue, if easy to snap in wet place, that is rayon, if not in wet place is pulled, is pure silk, such as strength of fiber in the wet state are good, not easy to broken is nylon or polyester yarns. 5, listen to sound. Due to silk sericin protection appearance friction resistance, so the dry real silk fabrics in mutual friction will emit a sound, commonly known as: 'silk sing' or 'silk sound; While other HuaQianPin without sound.
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