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by:TONDA     2020-05-24
We talked about before, silk by a lot of advantages, also talked about fake silk by a lot of recognition method, which has a 'iron law' is: silk by must be cheap goods is not good! However there are still a lot of people fall for it, because you have no idea about silk, easy to fool. 1. Can only do one bed is thousands of cocoons. Do you know? A bed is covered you 3 kg silk by, requires 9 kilograms of dried cocoon ( Drying) Or 18 kilograms of fresh cocoons, need to nearly 5000 healthy mulberry after 28 days or so time to grow, just enough for you to do a silk by, if there is a silkworm illness may be the whole crop failures. 2. The only can only handmade by core. Cotton be, be, wool fibre, duvet largely can start to machine production, and the high quality silk by, still need to pull silk handmade silk reproduction, this procedure is still can't save. Because only the manual control the symmetry, the best comfort, warmth is the best. 3. The only pure natural pollution-free quilt. In addition to the silk by, all the other filling material is likely to be exposed to harmful substances. Before I went to sericulturist home, when the door open, ready to step in, sericulturist remind me, don't go in, because may bring germs to silkworm, so the fragility of the silkworm, natural harmless is made of silk. 4. Only with the skin's closest quilt. Because silk itself is a protein fiber, and very close to human skin; Although there are some other fiber can also be referred to as the body's second skin, but the most authentic or silk, this didn't have to say; Because silk is a natural, others may need again after processing. Silk by the life of silkworm eggs, statistic, four sleep 5 year-old, cocoon, drying, cooking cotton, cotton, drying, inspection, wire drawing, sewing, needle and so on a series of long process, to produce a silk by the bed. Behind you can see, there are sericulturist pay a lot of hidden costs, not silk is not expensive.
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