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Textile mills to tell you the body what is the most appropriate sleep environment? - - - - - - Tonda home textiles co. , LTD

by:TONDA     2020-05-25
Human sleep the most comfortable temperature: refers to when the body surface in 34 ℃ - 35 ℃, between the human body feel comfortable, more conducive to sleep; Human sleep when the suitable relative humidity: 60% - 70%; Good softness and smooth feeling is make people are more likely to fall asleep; Allergy is refers to the antibacterial, anti mite can eliminate most of the allergen, promote deep sleep refers to dispel peculiar smell smell, essential oil can make people fall asleep faster; Sleep when human body is the most comfortable colour: light blue, light green, light purple, pink light color gray department can make a person quiet to promote sleep. This not only is helpful to improve people's sleep and improve sleep quality, but also set up the health care system, sleep in the textile industry to create a clean, healthy and vibrant sleep environment. Woolen blanket washing, maintenance and collection method of washing when can send the past &present for regular dry cleaning or use neutral detergent in hand wash at home. Household washing into 30 degrees Celsius in the warm water first of all the water in the container, and adding suitable amount of neutral detergent, put a blanket in a water container, for 20 minutes or so, over and over again carefully and gently rub, release dirt, make a blanket to sewage, repeated rinse clean with water, squeeze out water, and then to dry. In everyday use, should often put blankets in the sun bath, and wipe gently, make adhesion on blanket sweat, dust and dander were removed, and the hairs carefully combed, can keep the carpet clean fluffy and soft. Collection should be put blankets folded flat in a case or bag, prevent extrusion, can keep the quality of a material is elastic, blanket better care.
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