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by:TONDA     2020-04-07
Now a lot of people will will unconsciously when the choose and buy home textiles bedding area selection activity printing fabrics, but I don't know what is reactive printing, reactive printing what has advantages, in addition to the reactive printing and other printing? Spinning le home textiles talk about today. Reactive dyeing is also known as reactive dyes. It contains can react with fiber molecular reactive group. In the process of dyeing and printing, dye reactive combined with fiber molecular form, makes the dye and fiber to form a whole. Reactive printing technology, printing as one of the most mainstream has been widely spread, a large number of the use of the cotton, linen cloth. Reactive printing reactive printing cloth, the advantages of environmental protection, low formaldehyde content, bright color, the color fastness is good, soft after printing, printing parts also not glue the hand. Don't add the azo dyes and formaldehyde, do not contain harmful substances, and do not fade not shrink when washing. In addition to the reactive printing and other printing? There are two main types of home textiles fabric printing and dyeing method, a kind of activity is one of the traditional printing and dyeing, another is coatings printing and dyeing. The difference between reactive printing and pigment printing reactive printing: using reactive dye penetration into the fabric, and form printing pigment printing: use paint coverage on the fabric, and form printing reactive dyeing in dyeing and printing process is not add azo dyes and formaldehyde, do not contain harmful substances, and do not fade not shrink when washing. Reactive dyeing feels smooth soft, look from the pros and cons of printing and dyeing effect is very good; The pigment printing process simple, low cost, disadvantages: poor color fastness, not washing; Feel hard, contact with the skin feels coarse; Environmental performance is poor, formaldehyde content is higher than activity; Viscous printing area, especially with direct contact with the skin, summer will be very sticky, uncomfortable. Pigment printing took the form of physical bonding and fabric, the reactive printing is van der vander-waalsforces and fabric directly. In general, the activity of printing to feel softer, pigment printing rubbing fastness is relatively not so good. In terms of price, usually reactive printing is more expensive.
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