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by:TONDA     2020-05-22
Home textile products in the form a complete set of bedroom adornment is referred to as 'soft adornment', it has a decisive role in the construction and environmental transformation. Home textiles can be divided into the towel, Towel, bath towel, beach towel, towel) , ( Sheet, bedspread, quilt cover, etc. ) The blanket ( All kinds of blankets, blanket, carpet, tapestry) , palmer ( Handkerchief) With ( Tassel, trimming, etc. ) , shade, All kinds of curtains, bath curtains, etc. ) , sacks and bags ( Letter holder, clothes bag, storage bag) , kitchen ( Tablecloth, napkin, bib, clean towel) And all kinds of cloth art sofa cushion for leaning on of the eight classes, etc. As a professional home textile brands, violet home textile to provide you with everyday common sense, allowing you to choose healthy bedding, enjoy a better life. First, consumers above all when the choose and buy home textiles should pay attention to brand, the raw materials ( Such as fiber composition) , environmental factors ( Such as dye) Rather than price and style. Even when indicate the raw material, the dye manufacturers indicate the right using method and washing the second: the home textiles is the most commonly used materials in cotton, hemp and other natural fibers, polyester/cotton fiber and other synthetic fibers. Third: high quality home textiles even after repeated washing and accept sunlight for a long period of time also won't rub off. Fourth: textile dye some can make the person causes cancer, therefore, close-fitting cover bedding should choose light white products, other home textiles products should choose not easy to fade away. Fifth: children's products of home textiles such as children with bedspread, blankets, bedding, etc. , are the most suitable material is cotton, plain coloured. Sixth: use the most suitable for function of textiles is: bedding for antibacterial function, the sand issued to antifouling function, the curtain to be able to prevent ultraviolet ray, hotels and other public places to have flame retardant function textiles. Seven: excessive formaldehyde content in textiles can stimulate the mucous membrane organization, therefore, when choosing no-iron products should pay attention to its formaldehyde content. Green textiles is not green color fabrics, but refers to the ecological textiles, namely the use of harmless to the environment or harm less raw material, the reasonable use of raw material is harmless to human body health textiles. However, natural fiber fabrics are not necessarily green textiles. Eight: linen home textiles has the property of moisture absorption heat dissipation, the blanket in the use or the most comfortable in summer. Holes in a hollow fiber in the fiber and the proportion of light, good heat preservation, high elasticity, strong resilience, such as the excellent performance and popular, its quality and price by fiber holes in a 'hole' as the reference standard, such as 'nine holes was' to 'three holes' premium, consumer is when the choose and buy the cost-effectiveness as the deciding factor. 9: towel, bed sheet, bedding bag, pillowcase on mite is easy to develop. Mite will not only have rosacea, but is one of the sensitive source of asthma. Therefore, towel, bed sheet, bedding bag, pillowcase should be washed frequently change frequently, generally is better to change once a week, hotels and other public places textile supplies every change should be disinfected.
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