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by:TONDA     2020-05-24
Textile cloth won 1 B2B platform. RMB 6. 5 billion B + round a few days ago, textiles B2B trading platform 'hundreds of cloth' complete 1 announced. B + round of $6. 5 billion. This round of financing capital led by YunQi become capital, source capital continue to vote. Cloth was established in April 2014, is a textile B2B proprietary platform, the core team members from alibaba, Meituan, where to go, wormwood, colchicine iraqis and other industries, known as the fabric production, distribution channels, clothing production and sales of each link, has the textiles supply chain upstream and downstream resources of all parties. The cloth had in June 2015 to obtain source capital millions of angel investment; In November the same year completed A round of funding. Last march, the cloth and received tens of millions of yuan A + round of financing, the investor is still A source of capital. In July last year, the company completed by capital and source the tens of millions of dollars of capital B round of funding. After more than two years of development, at present the fabric has established the supply chain center in guangzhou and shaoxing, depth of more than 800 tier one suppliers of cooperation, and links to exceed 3000 tier one suppliers, in more than 100 categories more than 10000 products have a lot of quality and price advantage. At the same time, the cloth every week has more than 500 new product research and development. The cloth was established more than 3 million SKU fabrics of proprietary information database, covering more than 80% of the national market visible fabrics. In addition, the cloth according to the sales situation and trend of the cities in east China, south China to set up the warehousing system, improve the efficiency of clients to buy the fabric. At present the business scope has been expanded to guangzhou, foshan, dongguan, hangzhou, shaoxing, wuhan, chengdu and other clothing production center, services more than 100000 garment production enterprises. Cloth, founder and CEO Zhao Zhenhong said, after this round of financing, the cloth will be on the suppliers, product development, warehousing system continuously, make better, faster supply chain service system, at the same time, the new development of central China, north China, southwest more than 10 clothing production center, set up higher in the field of textile B2B supply chain service standards, and continue to expand the leading market share.
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