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by:TONDA     2020-04-01
Exquisite decorative arts for interior decoration is a kind of art and design, when purchasing choose home textiles in the fabric design modelling, colour is tie-in, textures, several aspects should be paid attention to all the interior environment of artistic conception, so as to build a harmonious and pleasing to the eye of beauty. First of all, to determine a mass-tone attune in combination with the color of furniture, make bedroom whole colour, beauty coordinated: second, each room should be highlighted - Can let a person entered the room, you have attracted to it. General bedroom is a center with the bed, the sitting room with sofa as the center. Moreover, the ornament that make the finishing point. When wall cloth, carpet and so on has made the overall room harmony, can use the TV set as an ornament, such as cushion for leaning on of the contrast effect of ( Ornament some unfavorable and overmuch, can show messy otherwise) 。 In addition, to master all kinds of home textiles decoration characteristics of itself, such as carpet should pay attention to design atmosphere, colour is composed, the curtain should be highlighted suspension, double effect. To meet the requirements of the comfortable and safe with the rapid development of our country economy, people in addition to request the environment that occupy the home beautiful, have grade, more and more pay attention to the quality of life, people want to live in a leisurely and comfortable, safety, no stimulation, non-toxic green ecological space. Germanium to do: check logo, see packaging; 2 find a famous brand watch manufacturer; 3 check the appearance, work; Four smell smell, choose design and color. Pay attention to use convenient requires selecting home textiles must also note: processing production, installation is convenient removal, light quality, small volume, in order to collect, bacteriostasis, corrosion resistance, fast, high resistance to friction and washing, color fastness to, should be easy to clean and maintain? Bedding should have antibacterial function, the sand issued to antifouling function, the curtain to be able to prevent ultraviolet ray, carpet should be its own anti-static function, hotels and other public places of home textiles brands to have flame retardant function. Suitable for the requirement of using the object using the object including the use of the crowd and the use place. Using population is age, gender, personality, blood type, occupation, first living environment, culture, religion and other differences, these differences reflected in their preferences for the home textiles is different, these factors must be considered when choosing home textiles. Use age differences, for example, old person room should choose color slants dark fabrics, design is simple but elegant, give a person with a deep, sedate feeling, children room chooses bright color, the color is suitable for high contrast fabric, lively, jumping, in order to achieve vivid effect. Use a room according to the main points are hotels, at home, company, hospital, car, schools, shopping malls, lives of theatre, etc. , choose home textiles in general should follow the hotel to the atmosphere, speak that occupy the home, warmth, peace hospital, lives to be exaggerated 'principle. Global alliance network said, according to the place within each independent space points are living room, bedroom, sitting room, study, restaurant kitchen, bathroom, office, conference room, workshop, the leisure hall, etc. , pay attention to when choosing home textiles 'to leisurely and comfortable and elegant living room, bedroom should warmth and hidden, the sitting room should be generous and bright, the study about quiet and simple' requirements. Emphasize series matching requirements home textiles use, must be combined with interior decoration, fabric design, color and texture are supporting each other, thus forming a relatively obvious style series. Mainly refers to the artistic style series, series of textile of family expenses of roughly: bright warmth type - — Both free along with the gender, and do not break gently beautiful clear, with warm tone of the warm and lively colors such as yellow, orange, warm and cheerful atmosphere; Lively combination - — With a strong color and color is the change of the administrative levels feeling, create a lively and clear visual perception; Gorgeous and elegant type - — In a way that is cloth painting ornament, make full use of light decoration, tassels, make the space bright as the theatre; Harmonious balance -- — The balance of line and color harmony, do not use the combination of do STH unconventional or unorthodox or bold colors; Simple plain and neat type - — The design of elegant chic and elegant light color fastens, such as beige, brown, light blue, etc. ; Novel combination - — Completely personalized novelty is tie-in. Home textiles and regional style series, see more quite at home with Chinese, American, Japanese, Hong Kong, etc. In addition, there is difference between classic and modern. Accord with the requirement of cost reasonable indoor decoration in general can be divided into luxury, elegant mid-range, simple thrifty type three types, choose home textiles, should accord with the interior decoration of the price level, and to do collocation is proper, bring out the best in each other. In simple thrifty type of room, the appropriate on the pattern of the fabric color is simple quietly elegant, fabrics, fast, durable, if in some local material use high-grade fastidious, its effect is often counterproductive, very not harmonious. Instead, luxury room, if all the materials are the pursuit of price level, seek costly, the effect is not necessarily a satisfactory, sometimes add one or two bold, design, colour modelling concise, optional household textiles, but it can receive the good effect of amazing. Keep up with the fashion trends of home textiles, should also follow the trend pace, reflecting the changes of The Times, science and the progress of civilization.
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