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by:TONDA     2020-04-07
Shijiazhuang spinning le home textiles, small make up recently read a report in July 017 China textile clothing export rose 2. China news agency Beijing on August 9 (Reuters) - 15% Reporter 闫晓虹) China's General Administration of Customs statistics show that 2017 years ago the Chinese textile clothing export 1495 July. 2 $3. 2 billion year-on-year growth. 15%. Among them, 624 textile exports. 3 $5. 2 billion year-on-year growth. Export 870 2%, apparel and accessories. 1 $8 billion year-on-year growth. 4%. At this point, the export of Chinese textile clothing has five consecutive months improving steadily positive momentum. Industry experts believe that the indications are that in 2017 the year China's textile and garment exports is expected to reverse for two consecutive years of declining trend. From the point of monthly export data, Chinese textile clothing export in July of 254. $8. 7 billion, compared with the previous 4 month-on-month growth. 65%, highest since monthly exports to refresh again this year. Among them, the year-on-year exports growth about 9 clothing and accessories. 9%. In addition, it is worth mentioning that, 2017 years ago China's footwear exports 285 in July. 6 $1 billion year-on-year growth. 3%, both the number of exports year-on-year growth of 10%. Industry experts said, with the quickening of the industrial structure adjustment, transformation and upgrading, the concentration degree of China's textile and clothing export enterprises has vigorously promoted. At the same time, despite the fact that since this year the Chinese textile clothing export is stabilizing, but international competition pressure still exists, prices also fell.
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