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by:TONDA     2020-05-24
For pure cotton yarn dyed cotton fabrics, is made with different colors of warp and weft, due to the fabric after dyed first, dye permeability is strong, good color fastness, and yarn-dyed jacquard collocation is pure cotton fabrics in the high-end products, typically for double strands of yarn dyed, so the thickness of the fabric are good, have qualitative feeling, both the color contrast, so the stereo sense is strong, small shrinkage, not easy fade! But the cost is much higher than normal, quality high-grade than satin jacquard fabrics, like cotton and linen fabrics is sought after by many young people! In comparison, the ordinary cotton feel is good, use comfortable, easy dyeing, moisture absorption is strong, washable, is widely used in bedding material, but easy to wrinkle, easy shrink; Silk appearance is luxuriant, rich, have natural light and flash effect, feel comfortable, elastic and hygroscopic than cotton, but easy to hook silk, poor heat resistance than cotton to strong sunlight. So now comes' cotton + silk blended yarn, 70% cotton, 30% silk, such fabrics manufacturer for high technical requirements, because two different kinds of fabric shrinkage, must deal with in advance. In addition, there is a kind of 'mix build', is the face of real silk, was is made of cotton, this quilt cover looks beautiful and showily, is also comfortable. The silk pillowcases can reduce wrinkles, especially welcome by middle-aged women, but the price is also high, silk to $3000-4 times - - - - - - - - - - - - RMB 5000 / set, the price is 5 - cotton bed is tasted More than 10 times, and maintain more troublesome, in general, only a few people afford. Seven, printing, embroidery bedding washing considerations when washing bedding with the correct method, not only can keep its colour and lustre bright-coloured, can also enhance its service life. Washing bedding, we tend to have a myth: that is washing bedding is a program. Actually, according to the craft, the bedding, size, color, fabric, etc, in the process of washing, cannot adopt the unified mode operation.
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