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Textile teach you how to identify real silk - two methods Tonda home textiles co. , LTD

by:TONDA     2020-05-22
A, burning method: will spare parts yarn fabrics, and make it close to the flame burning. The yarn when close to the flame melted, and curled in, When in contact with the flame fusion, crimp, burning, and the smell of burning hair. On leaving the flame, sometimes slightly flash burning, sometimes from destroy; After burning leaves crunchy black granular ashes, a twist with finger is broken. Silk and other fiber after combustion character difference is as follows: when burnt, silk from the smell of a hair, is not finalize the design of the ash after burning, dark brown. And emulation silk burns without this special odor, polyester emulation silk black caked after combustion; Cotton nylon emulation silk work shaped after burn bright sphere; Viscose emulation silk when burning smell like burning fake flavour, grey white powder; Acetate emulation silk stimulating smell, burning ash were black shining hard lump. Feel visual method: first to split the fabric visual platform on its appearance, silk products uniform soft luster, bright but not dazzling. Then with the hand touch and friction lining, hand to touch the fabric have a shake handshandle, and feel warm and dry, is strong, not easy to produce buckling; In the end will be friction, two layers of fabric will produce 'silk sound' sound.
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