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Textiles tell you bed is tasted anti mite should cause high attention Tonda home textiles co. , LTD

by:TONDA     2020-05-23
With the continuous improvement of modern living standard, people more and more attention to their own living home living environment, including mattresses, bedspread, bedding and other household items, but most people don't realize their own living environment hides has a lot of naked eye cannot see biological - — Mite, is seriously affects people's healthy life. Mites are widespread in the home environment, such as bedding, carpet, cushion, parasitic in the article such as clothes, plush toys, with the help of the fungus feed on human body falls off scurfy, can transmit the virus, bacterium. It can survive in the bedroom of mites of 16, it is the most appropriate in the temperature of 20 - to survive 30 ℃, relative humidity is more than 55% of the environment. Distribution of mites in carpet that occupy the home most, followed by quilts, mattresses, pillows, etc. Domestic mattress is one of the largest source of mites, because the mattress is to provide a warm, damp and food source the best environment. It is understood that a pillow for two years, 10% of its weight is the body of dust mites and excrement. Mite is a kind of very harmful to human body health, can cause a variety of diseases such as bronchial asthma, allergic rhinitis, dermatitis. According to the data shows, 60% of asthma patients allergic to dust mites can produce reaction, about 80% of the children is caused by dust mites allergic asthma. In order to improve the public awareness of allergic disease, the world allergy organization ( 从 With the world health organization ( 世卫组织) Launched, on July 8, as the 'world allergy day'. Home textiles anti mite must attach great importance to. Shijiazhuang home textile manufacturers think from a consumer point of view, in addition to develop good habits, such as basked in frequently to keep indoor ventilation, often washing textiles, such as use of anti mite antibacterial fiber textiles and household items is also a kind of effective method of anti mite, not only can suppression mite, flooding mites, effectively prevent the occurrence of related to dust mites skin disease, can also be antibacterial, inhibit bacteria reproduction, which can create a more comfortable environment for family life. The news recently, from the furniture industry, mattress new gb enter comment phase, it is reported, new gb regulation mattress must have the function of anti mite. According to the characteristics of the bedding bacteria, combined many domestic universities and research institutions, has developed a long-term clean technology, and successfully applied in the bedding, related technology and equipment are applied for national patent. Home textile mainly adopt three clean way of nanometer gold/silver clean bacteria clean technology, probiotic bacteria, aloe clean technology, collection of the nano, green natural, positive confrontation, renewable elements such as the latest technology. Original patent technology, make all kinds of pure bacterium factor into the fibers, can ensure the bacteriostatic effect of more durable. Liposome technology, make the bed is tasted more to skin. During sleep, due to the rise of temperature and friction, clean factor release, so as to achieve all-round clean effect to the body.
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