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by:TONDA     2020-05-21
In the natural fiber, silk by volume is very good, so use don't have to be very thick, the weight of the cover in the body is very light; With holding the quilt, you will feel the natural silk by smooth. Silk by lightsome, smooth, thoughtfulness, and sleep is good partners. Silk by to prevent colds and catch a cold, according to experts pointed out: catch a cold, more happened during sleep. When you sleep, if the cover is not enough to keep warm or kick a quilt due to hot, often lead to body temperature fell sharply, resistance is abate, in all kinds of viruses, bacteria will multiply, make people sick. Silk by, with 'warm in winter and cool in summer' health properties, in the cold snap hit, can play a powerful from the cold and warmth; When the weather is warmer, the light bright and comfortable, like cool is make the person is not easy to play, so as to greatly reduce the probability of catch cold catch a cold. Silk by light warm and comfortable, let the cardiovascular no-load silk by excellent cold force and warmth, that you don't need to press the other heavy quilt, and make the heart and blood vessels during sleep load and under too much pressure, make your sleep more comfortable, more sweet, more health. Silk is the most accord with human body engineering sleep silk is one of the world recognized as the most soft and healthy natural fibers, with 100% silk as filling material made of silk by, had the characteristics of stick put oneself, comfortable, and help you in the shortest possible time, sweet dream. Prevention of rheumatism, arthritis, skin diseases in natural silk, contains a substance called 'hydrophilic amino acid' side, it can quickly absorb moisture, effectively and in accordance with the dialysis of wire tire good sex, keeping bed dry wet pleasant, and can reach the effect of prevention of rheumatism, arthritis and skin diseases. At the same time, the medical research report shows: silk contains 18 kinds of essential amino acids and natural porous protein fiber composition, the blood circulation and metabolism in human body in sleep good adjustment, and can enhance the vitality of human skin cells, so as to delay the ageing of the skin and nourish the skin. 'Sleep factor' can prevent insomnia, thoroughly eliminate fatigue for you. Pure natural silk, the chemical structure of 18 kinds of natural amino acids, these amino acids contained in a delicate composition, has a stable human neural function, it can effectively make you sleep more sweet, not only to prevent insomnia, more tired during the day and can completely eliminate the fatigue, gain good health! Prevent mites, antibacterial, mouldproof silk of mouldproof, has excellent antibacterial natural features, especially the silk by the use of high-grade silk, all conform to the requirements of the strict health and health, and absolutely pure, and in the process of silk does not add any chemicals detrimental to human health. Silk by faults: 1. Silk is not washed. Because proteins become colloid under the influence of water, the loss of its original shape. 2. In the same warm effect with less silk, under the condition of body is thinner, lighter at the same time; But for the elderly and the weak of the sick, because the nerve adjustment ability is bad, if the quilt can not reach a certain thickness, often feel body luo panic, may affect the rest. Advice above other quilt cover a blanket or a bit heavy.
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