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by:TONDA     2020-05-22
Being is the lightest weight: the weight is only 1/3 of the conventional cotton pillow. Being is the most warm: stereo shape down ( MAO) Contains a large number of air can block the cold air. Climb the mountain with the warm sleeping bag, such as down jacket made with down and feather. Do things dry, can absorb quickly and sleep the human body to sweat of and to its discharge. And can automatically adjust the temperature to achieve the effect of warm in winter and cool in summer. Do not occupy a space, feather pillow after compressed, easy to collect. Though being is practical: price than cotton and chemical fiber pillow a bit expensive, but the effect is incomparable cotton and chemical fiber pillow, especially for the treatment of patients with cervical vertebra has a good effect. General service life can be in more than 20 years. Slightly concave at ordinary times as long as the hand kiss pat evenly, again after the sun to be basked in 2 ~ 3 hours, can recover. Is left to improve sleep quality, adjust insomnia, much dream to cardiac improve body circulation, increase the body immunity and disease resistance has correct sleeping position, promote normal bone growth, to prevent cervical spondylosis has alleviated the central nervous system function, anti-inflammation analgesia, sedation spasmolysis, and the effect of detumescence is left to adjust blood pressure, reduce blood fat and blood viscosity is left to adjust gastric bowel function, anti-diarrhea effect has antibacterial, soften blood vessels, the activation water molecules in the body is left to promote fat metabolism, promote blood cycle, healthy slimming is left to eliminate fatigue, activate cells, brain puzzle, anti-aging effect to cardiac beauty skin care, slimming, sleep out pretty good figure. Improve memory, sleep a good memory.
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