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by:TONDA     2020-05-09
These articles for daily use how long did you use? Some advocate saving housewife, need not bad don't change. American prevention magazine recently published stories reminds, periodically to replace the following household items. 1, cloth: 2 weeks kitchen rag on tens of thousands of bacteria, must be replaced every 1 ~ 2 weeks for 1 time. After each use and application of hot water thoroughly clean, dry in the sun, every day in the microwave disinfection 1 times. 2, the filter type water dispenser: 6 years home filter type water dispenser is used, the principle of osmosis, remove the microorganisms in the water, etc. But after long time use, filter filtration function will decline, cannot have the effect of cleaning. 3, bath ball, bath ball rub with 3 months long dead skin, on the breeding ground for bacteria. Recommended thoroughly clean once every 1 ~ 2 weeks, a new bath ball each quarter. 4, towel, towel fabrics is 2 to 4 months, use time long, deep within the fiber aperture bacteria is very difficult to remove, cleaning, drying, high temperature cooking methods can only control the bacteria in a short time, do not permanently remove bacteria. With long towel is dirty and hard, will become the new sources of pollution, the serious influence healthy skin and use comfortably. So, the best in new towels around 3 months, don't wait to change again worn out. 5, toothbrush: toothbrush every 3 months work should not be total length more than 6 hours, according to brush your teeth twice a day, and every 2 minutes, the service life of the toothbrush is about 3 months. Best timely replacement within three months, otherwise it will stick with bacteria. 6, shopping bags, shopping bags with immediately after a bath is easily spread from raw meat and vegetables on the stool, bacteria. Timely cleaning can remove 99. More than 9% of the bacteria. 7, sneakers: 8 to 12 months is calculated based on the average amount of exercise people, the service life of a pair of sports shoes is 8 to 12 months. Once more than life, shoes on foot and body protection function will be discounted. 8, the headset: weekly cleaning the headset with dirty application alcohol disinfection, and away from dust. 9, contact lens cleaning fluid: 3 months once opened the lid of a cleaning fluid, bacteria will come easily, increase the risk of eye infection. In addition, the deposit of contact lenses box also had better in a 3 months. 10, vitamins drugs: 2 years if you want to keep the vitamin pharmaceuticals due effect, even if is to keep in a cool, dry place, can only be stored two years. Therefore, if you have such a home drugs, even if there is no shelf life, also had better not to eat. 11, bra: six months in a week to wear under the condition of 2, 3 days, the life of the common bra is 3 to 6 months. Over this period the bra fabrics would inelastic, cannot have the effect of good support and protect the breast. If a bra began to deformation, shoulder belt slack, will need to be changed. 12, razor blade: 4 to 6 weeks after each use, should take out the blade, residues adsorption in the above with a brush; Using 2 ~ 3 times, the blade should be a dip in alcohol, and then use cotton dry and set aside. 13, pillowcase, weekly change pillow easily infected with sweat, saliva, dandruff, and dust mites, so want to timely replacement. 14, pillow core, the service life of the pillow core in 1 to 2 years too long, not only for head and neck support effect will weaken, and the hair and scalp grease can infiltrate the pillow core, bacterium, easy to cause allergic and respiratory diseases. 15, plastic lunch box, plastic lunch box damaged or throw plastic utensils scratch easy accumulation bacteria, best washed by hand, if found damaged, rub off or brittle, should immediately thrown away, or change the glassware. Mascara, mascara: 3 months is the biggest bacterial infection in the cosmetic bag, use for a long time with a mascara, brush head accumulation of bacteria may be make you eye inflammation of the murderer. 17, bamboo ( Wood) Bamboo tableware tableware products: half of the service life is half a year, household chopsticks best disinfected once a week, the chopsticks with boiling water for 30 minutes after cleaning, or in the microwave sterilization 2 ~ 3 minutes. Some 'lacquer chopsticks' contain heavy metals such as lead, chromium, after frying, there will be heavy metal poisoning and the risk of cancer. Chopsticks once craze, deformation, discoloration, therefore, you should not continue to use. 18, metal tableware: coating damage in stainless steel is made up of iron chromium alloy with nickel, molybdenum and other metal, the metal contain harmful ingredients to human body. So, when found that scratched, metal kitchen utensils and appliances in the surface layer of paint or coating fall off wait for a phenomenon, should replace the tableware. 19, ceramic products: there are cracks in China beautiful colored glaze contains lead, when fractures, lead can overflow, mix into the food. Therefore, it is the cracks should not continue to use the tableware of pottery and porcelain.
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