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The choice of home textile knowledge: silk by - Tonda home textiles co. , LTD

by:TONDA     2020-04-17
Silk by many people called 'the most comfortable quilt cover', relative to the general quilt, its price is higher, so how to choose the silk by? Spinning home textiles and share with you some tips: 1. Smell: silk by when the choose and buy, you can use the nose smell taste kind of silkworm pupa, this is the new production of silk by the unique flavor. In the open air drying after a period of time the taste becomes weak and disappear naturally. 2. See burning: real silk can burn, but less smoke, hair is asked to have a taste, left the flame will automatically put out; If a stream of black smoke from burning, emitting a sweet taste, after leaving the fire continues to burn, and the flame is very big, so it is possible with polyester fiber composition. 3. See logo: product identification is an important way of promoting the consumers to understand product information, general logo will be marked in the product name, specification, type, etc. 4. See feel: silk feel soft creamy flexible, not rigid mass, if pressed silk after being folded, the springback will be slower than the general chemical fiber. The cold of winter, choose a soft, fluffy silk by bed, bring your winter warm and comfortable.
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