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The choose and buy bedding grasp details - five consumption Tonda home textiles co. , LTD

by:TONDA     2020-05-13
Bedding to master the five modern consumption details of choose and buy more and more high to the requirement of quality of life, have more energy to study and work, sleep quality must be guaranteed. Using high quality bedding, is an important measure to guarantee a high quality sleep. As consumers, at the time of buying bedding should master what details? Detail 1: choose the high quality of fabric density is generally selected high-grade bedding fabrics, Micronesia cheap bedding generally chooses or low density fabrics, the difference from the naked eye can distinguish texture. Generally use high-grade bedding fabrics, high-density cotton fabrics, blended or cheap products are generally chooses chemical fiber fabrics. In general, the fabric organization poplin, twill, satin weave is better than plain weave. Detail 2: pay attention to the quality of workmanship have made a very good material, also need to fine workmanship, some products do manual work is very rough, because is not a good choice. Whether consumers can from sewing stitch evenly, fine, straight, how much have you jump line, thread, etc. It can be seen that sewing quality. High-grade bedding sewing, have good quality of low-standard doesn't pay attention to the sewing quality, use rise also won't feel well. Details three: choose design and color in order to get the best visual perception, and good mood when use, consumers choose their best appreciation of design and color and style. Good design and color are generally able to bear or endure look, that is, feel more see more good-looking, design and artistic taste. At first glance, some design and color, after a long time is easy to feel ugly, design and color is not persistent. In order to choose the like design and color, the best of around several shop, slowly pick. Details of 4: choose the appropriate style bedding design are mainly fold pattern and a live model. Fly general design style will fabric and filling material by fly flowers sewn together, stereo sense is strong, look around a flat, but not easy to unpick and wash. Live model is commonly by core after fly flowers, with quilt cover, when cleaning you just wash the quilt cover. Convenient and practical consumers can according to the concrete bedding material and personal interests, to choose the appropriate style. Details five: service service is divided into two kinds, one is the on-site service, the other is the after-sales service. On-site service is easy to determine directly see store service attitude and the manufacturer's service attitude, considering the bedding are expensive, so it must pay close attention to stores and manufacturers of after-sales service, if you have a warranty card, such as customer club is better, so if the product have quality problem can return or exchange. Bed is tasted, consumption is a kind of quality of life, is also a mood of life. If I buy the ideal bedding, nature will bring life comfortable feeling, it must pay attention to consumers.
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