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by:TONDA     2020-05-13
At least a third of time in one's life is spent in bed. In tow, accompany you spend the night two 'intimate partner' is often not compelling, it is that few people mention pillows and mattresses. General administration of quality supervision, inspection and quarantine recently 37 class national product quality supervision and spot check result, including spring soft mattress product percent of pass is 88%, formaldehyde release a quantity is the main problem of unqualified. Pillow selection: good breathable highly appropriate pillow a soft hard too high too low will affect the sleep, cause harm for cervical vertebra. Appropriate pillow height contour should be lying down with his fists, shoulder high, while the side and should be an arc will cervical prop. Because the sleep, the person is to often change positions, to meet the requirements of this pillow is really difficult to do. Can make your own buckwheat husk or pillow, chaff can be like the sand flowing with the rotation of the head. The permeability of the pillow is better, is always good to sleep and head skin. So, how high pillow is appropriate? This will vary from person to person, and everyone's fat, shoulder width, the length of the neck, and sleep posture. Too easy to neck pillow sleep into the piece, too low is supportive, neck without rest and recover. The appropriate height of the pillow is generally 10 a 15 cm, shoulder width, body fat, long neck pillow should be slightly higher. Habit of sleeping, the pillow height should be compressed height (with his fist The height of the fisting in escaping upwards) It is advisable to the same; Sleep habits side, its pillow height should be compressed are consistent with their side of the shoulder width is advisable. In addition, patients with high blood pressure, heart disease, asthma, the pillow is somewhat higher, hypotension, anemia, it is better to lower the pillow. Mattress choice: should close-fitting breathable environmental protection mattresses on the market at present basically has three types: the spring mattress body weight evenly distributed on the mattress, avoid excessive pressure on any part of the body. Mattress can turn to any direction, extremely durable. Spring design ventilation performance is good, can create a cool, dry environment. Full of elasticity, foam mattress can buffer body caused by the vibration, even if the pillow people turn over frequently, also won't affect you to enjoy the restful sleep. Soft and resilient, latex mattress had the characteristics of shape remains and recovery, supporting the various parts of the body, can accurate excels in average pressure distribution. Latex mattresses and moistureproof, prevent allergy, prevent mites breeding, etc. Choosing mattess should pay attention to personal, breathable, environmental protection, including close-fitting sex in judging whether a mattress is suitable for yourself is often ignored, different body and different sleeping habits determines the bedding of different needs. Consider because sleep produces in the process of hot and humid air permeability, the permeability of mattress is bad, hot and humid air less volatile, easy to breed mites, bacteria, etc. , cause the harm of human body, main is to look at the material is in line with the environmental problems related to the prescribed standards. In order to keep strength and prolong life, every three months to put the mattress change my position. In addition, the pillow and mattess need to keep clean and dry, need to bask regularly, especially sauna day. Suitable pillows and mattresses make you comfortable, eliminate fatigue, as soon as possible to keep healthy. Barely make do pillows and mattresses, although may temporarily by the adaptation, the spine damage but sooner or later.
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