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The choose and buy home textile new technique - to teach you Tonda home textiles co. , LTD

by:TONDA     2020-04-10
The life of people more and more busy, busy city, people most yearned for, is the feeling of a home. House prices are high, but both have homeowners and rent, his comfort zone, is his home. Go off work, home, plunged into the soft and comfortable bed, can let a person from all tired, forget the outside world, get the rest of the mind. Give you warm, not house, not the kitchen ovens, nor your safe, let your whole body bones and muscles relax under the covers. All say bed is the tomb of youth, that's because the bed with the warmth of love and enjoy. , is more than a bed! These things, is called home textiles. Home? Spinning? Home gives the textile warmth, or textiles brought home a warm? Perhaps the answer is not important, important is home textile bring the comfortable feeling and experience. Then how to buy high quality home textiles products? A lot of home textile production of fabrics, choose different fabrics different utility. Printed plain natural, rich gorgeous silks and satins, yarn and fabric is lightsome and natural and unrestrained, but rough texture feeling of warm, smooth texture feeling of cool and refreshing. When consumer is decorated can choose according to their own pursuit and appeal. Bedding of choose and buy, the first thing to check the quality of the fabric, and the quality lies, first of all, in the density of the fabric. Because the higher the density of the required quality cotton, the better, feel more soft, more luster, its production process and the higher requirements, so whatever the cotton, the better fabric density, the better the quality. Normal manufacturer of qualified products fabric longitude and latitude is in commonly 76 x 68, false and inferior product longitude and latitude is below 76 by 68. Second, the fabric quality lies in the dyeing and printing quality. The products with good quality, its pattern of dyeing is clear, no version printing, color difference, smudgy, decoloring phenomenon! In addition, it is recommended that consumers feel is to judge from the home textile product, general fabric will after singeing mercerizing of the finishing process, and make the cloth not easy pilling, also not easy to fade. If not by this process, with the hand touch the fabric back and forth, will feel more rough, washed several times may be pilling. Build quality is also very important reference, normal manufacturer craft exquisite workmanship and level off, without the eye of a needle, flat seam from spell stitches in 10 ~ 12/3 cm, and the false and inferior product a longer cable stitch, stitch the phenomenon such as uneven light. Normal manufacturer of each product has a silk waving trademark, silk waving trademark on the product model, fabric texture, etc. , and fixed position of trademark. As long as see the trademark when buy and pick a few same type of quilt, examine its trademark is in a fixed position, you can know. Want to buy high quality home textile products, is suggested in the brand and the high-end product is the preferred object. What is the best home textile? Is, of course, those who can make people take the initiative to give it the emotion and dependent on its home textile cough up! Don't blindly follow the brand, the pursuit of quality, only high quality home textile, to make you a enjoy the sleep out of the world.
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