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The choose and buy should pay attention to the following three - when bedding Tonda home textiles co. , LTD

by:TONDA     2020-05-13
Bedding factory warns customer, when the choose and buy bedding should pay attention to the following: check whether the product identification is complete, formal enterprise products generally identify content is complete, the phone the address clearly. 1. Pay attention to the product label content. If the product without identification or though an identity but did not indicate the production enterprise or business address, no product specifications and component content, no standards, no durability sign, or tags and durability specification and product packaging label content is not consistent, it is best not to buy. And the product packaging rough, unfavorable also buy printing blurred. In addition to pay attention to check the appearance and workmanship. 2. Pay attention to the fabric quality. In general, uniform cloth good quality products, fine texture, printing clear, rich luster, sewing uniform flat and level. Busy on the other hand, the quality of a material is sparse, decorative pattern, sewing rough, it is difficult to guarantee product quality. 3. Note that bed taste way. Also pay special attention to is that if the bedding sends out a pungent odor, it is possible to have formaldehyde residue, had better not buy, and when choosing bedding colors, proposal consumer had better choose light color, the risk of such products formaldehyde exceeds bid, dyeing fastness is relatively low.
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