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The choose and buy small common sense - bedding Tonda home textiles co. , LTD

by:TONDA     2020-05-12
Bedding rapid development, various series of bedding, all kinds of class full of beautiful things in eyes, become not only a home supplies, people also gradually become beautification household, creating sweet emotional appeal, enhance cultural connotation of household act the role ofing is tasted, and has become a gift gift friends and relatives, and such as hotels, guest houses, schools, apartments, tourist groups such as products, bedding consumption is very big, therefore, have greatly enriched the home life of the people, is also exploring the consumer space. Bedding industry also booming, the horse is more, all kinds of large scale production enterprise, however, rich and colorful in bedding market also appeared a lot of problems at the same time, quality also is not optimistic, there is the sham as the genuine, good and bad are intermingled. The spot check result shows that the product instructions is not accurate, non-standard problems still exist, the dimensional changes of formaldehyde, overweight, poor color fastness problem is prominent, so it is necessary to remind consumers selected carefully when the choose and buy. Ordinary consumers in the choose and buy bedding when it is difficult to identify the advantages and disadvantages, but in the following respects attention, it is possible to reduce the risk. Check identification, the instructions on the use of the packaging products ( Logo) Is the product of the production, given JingXiaoZhe including product specifications, performance and usage of the necessary information, to guide the consumer the right to choose and use. This is the production and JingXiaoZhe responsibilities, is a fraud, let consumers understand consumer needs. So the instructions on the use of the product is a sign of production and JingXiaoZhe quality commitment to consumer, reflect the enterprise quality awareness and management level. So consumers can view product instructions directly to determine the level of product quality. Product instructions can use tags, labels, packing specification, instruction for use, such as form, can be used one or more at the same time, its contents must indicate: manufacturer's name and address, product name, specifications, the raw material, the composition and content of the washing methods, standards, quality grade, quality qualification certificate, such as content, different forms of content should be consistent, and specifications, using the method of the composition and content of raw material, washing durability tags must be used. When consumer is buying the first by looking at the product identification can identify commonly, relatively complete formal enterprise product label content, phone the address clearly. Such as mark content is not complete, specification, inaccurate, not knowingly coxcombical, buy cautiously. Pay special attention to, such as product has no logo, or with a logo but did not indicate the production enterprise or business address, no product specifications and component content, no standards, no durable labels, tags - durability specification - product packaging label content is not consistent, exaggerated product performance, the best is not to buy. In addition, such as product packaging rough, printing blurred, unfavorable also buy. Check the appearance, the work of bedding on the market at present level is different, the price difference is big, too big gap between the workmanship and quality. Cloth flat even better quality goods, fine texture, printing clear, rich luster, sewing uniform flat and level. Such as product cloth not divide evenly, disorder, sewing rough texture is sparse, decorative pattern, the quality is difficult to guarantee, the dimensional change rate, color fastness may also to exceed bid. Smell smell, choose design and color in printing and dyeing and finishing of home textiles processing to be used in a variety of finishing agent and additives, such as improper processing technology residual excess chemical composition, can cause harm to human body. The spot check showed that pH overweight problem is bigger, formaldehyde still exist. Consumer is when the choose and buy, in addition to the above must pay attention to the skills of choose and buy, can also smell 'taste', if the product sends out a stimulating smell, it is possible to have formaldehyde residue, had better not be bought. In addition, the choose and buy the shrink proof, crease resistant, soft, pretty, etc. Also be careful when finishing products, has a 'taste', do not have to buy. When choosing color, with light color attune of choose and buy advisable, the risk of excessive color fastness will be smaller. Darker of choose and buy when the bed is tasted, can use a piece of cloth, Soak better) Forced by rubbing on the cloth ( If it is printed in printing of friction) , after friction if the small piece of cloth of a color, then the product easy to rub off, do not buy as far as possible. Looking for famous brand, manufacturer since 2003, according to a random spot checks of state-owned enterprises, large enterprises and foreign-funded enterprises products and certification products, famous brand product qualified rate is higher, and small businesses, private enterprise product qualified rate is low. That gives consumers to hint, purchase state-owned enterprises, large enterprises, foreign-funded enterprises, certification of products and famous brand products, the winning product quality is guaranteed; And buy some, small factory with a less known and inferior brand products need to think again. Here also remind consumers in many 'Shanghai', 'guangdong province', the brand is not necessarily the country of origin of production, is likely to be the product of the remote small workshops, there is likely to have profit.
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