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by:TONDA     2020-04-04
China market sales of home textile industry into the off-season, but the wedding of home textiles products is still in the home textile market sell like hot cakes, now 80/90 are common to the marriageable age, many new people are busy for your new purchase wedding class home textile products, so we in the choose and buy wedding bed is tasted, what questions should you pay attention to? Warm and comfortable is the most important in a number of home textile shop you can see, the wedding home textile be window display. Now home textile products, many styles, many manufacturers are promoting their products are combined with modern technology and traditional production. Ready to get married 'bride-to-be' tells us that now there are a lot of home textile products, on the quality of a material has a high count cotton, cotton, or comfort but she CARES most. Color choices can be varied Chinese wedding generally prefer red, is no exception when choosing home textiles products, choose red to figure a lively, can make the big day festival more add a few minutes. But now color varieties of home textile products is too rich don't know what to choose. Now the couple in the bedding on the choice of the color is not rosy, pale peach formality and other traditional red wedding with. Colorful small broken flower or elegant pattern such as large flowers can also deliver the bride's delight.
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