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by:TONDA     2020-04-14
The collocation of bedding is a science. Some people will put in the bedroom of the bed is tasted collocation is both comfortable and beautiful, also some people in the bedroom is messy and do not take tone. Well bedding collocation, make people feast for the eyes, also got enjoy comfortable sleep. Do this, what should we do? Today we invite spinning joy home textiles aika consultant for you about: 1, the collocation of colour: the colour of the bedding, bring a person different psychological feeling. Generally speaking, the color is divided into cold tonal, warm color attune and neutral shades. Colour of lively and low-key, because of personal preferences to select the color, at the same time to give attention to both seasons. In the summer, for example, choose neutral refined cool color department bed is tasted. 2, the collocation of some pursue simple low-key style, some the pursuit of fashion, the pursuit of elegant. White-collar workers can choose simple line fashion series, create a simple, unique, rich emotional appeal of modern life. Bright and successful people can choose the color, texture and luxuriant style. Print lining the noble taste and elegant temperament. The collocation of style, should from the design and color, fabric and workmanship. 3, the collocation of function with daily bedding suite, quilts, pillows, etc may not be enough, you can choose to match some practical home textiles soft act the role ofing, pillow, cushion for leaning on, for example, when you are reading, watching TV is more comfortable, not feel low back pain. In addition, you can choose according to their own physical condition functional bedding. For example, cervical vertebra is bad, can choose a neck pillow, rose skin is bad, can choose anti acarid quilt. The last is the collocation of seasonal, in general, home to several sets of bed is tasted, season to cope with climate change. Winter quilts, duvets, summer, spring, autumn have silk by, have air conditioning, mat, etc. Anyhow, the choice of bedding, in addition to the above several factors, but with the collocation of the bedroom decorate a style, forming one integrated mass of the whole feeling.
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