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The color difference of textiles - causes and preventive measures Tonda home textiles co. , LTD

by:TONDA     2020-04-07
Now electricity channel has been developing rapidly, we are accustomed to almost everything to buy on the net, because electricity is convenient, is the concept of a second, online shopping generally cheaper than entity shop. Enjoying good and inexpensive, we worry about the quality of the goods. Especially when the choose and buy clothes, home textiles products we worry about fabric, textile color difference problem is also very mind. Then what about color difference, it is what causes the brightness of the photo, for textile color difference problem we can do about the preventive measures? What is the color: shades of colour and lustre of dyeing textiles, light has a difference. ①。 A color number between product box and the box, and parts, between package and package, there are color difference between horse and horse. ②。 Of the same color difference: the horse and horse products before and after the left there is have off color or positive and negative have off color or have off color. The color difference is one of the common fault and multiple fault dyeing factory, seriously affect the dyeing quality of the finished product. Fiber of the causes of the color difference of all kinds of fabric, dyed with different kinds of dyes and process equipment, and have different requirements and characteristics of the dyeing processing, and the causes of fault and the performance is different, dry and stain processing method is different also. A variety of color difference in appearance, but investigate its reason, mainly has the following kinds. 一个。 Uneven distribution of dye on the fabric with the first: before dye fixation, if uneven distribution in each part of the fabric, will generate the color difference after fixation. The main cause of this phenomenon is: (1) the fabric factors: due to the different fiber performance or pretreatment, boiling, bleaching, silk back not divide evenly, make dye permeability caused by uneven tire before the dye absorption degree of difference. (2) suction fluid factors; Because of mechanical structure or improper operation, make each part of the fabric with liquid rate, thus cause the color difference. Roll pressure not divide evenly, add dyestuff is not well and can make fabric absorb dye unevenness. ③。 Preliminary drying factors: a preliminary drying after the pad dyeing liquid, due to the drying rate and degree of inconsistency, cause varying degrees of dye migration, the dyes on the fabric distribution is uneven. b。 Such as improper conditions ( Such as temperature, time, concentration of dyestuff, etc. ) To produce off color. On both sides of disperse dye, for example, thermosol temperature or inconsistent, VAT dye partial oxidation reduction or inadequate, such as reactive dyes adverse steaming conditions can cause the fabric before and after about or have off color. c。 But for some reason cause part of the dyes on the fabric of color changing, generally has the following several reasons: (1) before dyeing factors: the whiteness of tire uneven or pH have bigger difference, often cause color difference after dyeing. (2) dyeing factors: such as disperse dye thermosol temperature is too high, make some dye color shade walls of dark; The excessive reduction of VAT dye, also can make color difference. Such as resin finishing, high-temperature tentering and different PH value on fabric, colored light have different degree of change will cause dye. The colours are inaccurate. Our company produces the soap lotion what ZJ had - at low temperature RH18 in soaping reactive dyes to dye cotton post-processing effect is outstanding, soaping process at low temperature, dosage in 0. 1 to 0. 5 g/L, not only for energy conservation and emissions reduction, reduce production cost, improve production efficiency, after washing the fabric color is pure, no color difference worries! Understand the issue of textile color difference, we are online shopping in physical stores even can achieve the target when the choose and buy goods, hope to help you!
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