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by:TONDA     2020-04-08
In home textile curtain dealership, how to open the curtain shop? How to manage curtain shop the most benefits? This is a lot of entrepreneurs. So, how to solve this problem? Curtain shop investment, is actually depends on the size of your shop. How to manage the curtain shop? In this case, two open a shop in the form of lists, hope I can help you. Now there are two ways to start curtain shop, the first is to rent a store, then go to big cities are near you with samples, Because big cities stores compare the whole) , after a customer order, make a phone call to wholesalers shipments in big cities. Advantages of less investment, no pressure, small risk. The disadvantage is that is more expensive than the goods into the factory. The second is to rent store, to wholesale market a roll of a roll of replenish onr's stock, merit goods purchase price is lower, the disadvantage is that investment is large, large pressure goods risk. How to manage the curtain shop? The first you only need to spend a rental shop, decorate and modernize take the sample charge will be ready to open the curtain shop. If the second big have to hundreds of thousands of. As for market research, to learn about the local curtain shop, to see the locals the floor a lot every year on, how local people life level. Operation is simple, the watch shop, enthusiastic service, the customer came in to introduce the present popular what color, the customer home decorate what color collocation is what color of the curtains. And if more money, then do some more publicity. Again is the sales problems. General customers into the store is look around your store first, if you see interested in the fabric, will walk over and touch, carrying a carry. At this time we can introduce the cloth relative fabrics, designs and suitable for local, customers if you are interested at this time, will be further questions, such as how much a meter is this cloth, we can be back to themselves, the problem. Asked him the layout of the room, light, indoor decoration, the main body color, etc, and then talk to him the collocation of color and so on. How to manage the curtain shop said only one, the purpose of these is to make customers feel your full-time, the more he believes in you, the more possibility of clinch a deal. Customer will say that at this moment, that I see it, you can go to help me design how such, that we said ok, of course, is then followed by talks to the price problem. If think your customers, you can put the cloth reason why you say it out, the reason you want to have a good, of course. And have to think about when you purchase the cloth with what kind of a selling point. Then compare for him, 'one meter of cloth were you ten yuan, you a curtain, generally with seven or eight meters of cloth, it's just too much and yuan. 'If the curtain little more is less. We must learn to pieces, the problem of sensitive. In a word, the customer into the shop, you don't just said to him what price the cloth, but talk to him first, talk about the characteristics of various kinds of cloth, talk to decorate, and his talk, the more the more you can know him, he will be, believe that you, the greater the chance to clinch a deal. Spinning music broadcast shijiazhuang textile co. , LTD is a company was founded in November 2015, the company all staff in the home textiles in the industry have more than 10 years rich experience in the industry, no matter from workmanship, materials, ideas, has the rich experience, the company in product development, design, production, brand building, marketing integration strategy, and formed the scale and unique home textiles enterprises. Experts design, office, production, warehousing, logistics, staff at an organic whole, with advanced production equipment, modern office facilities. On the product characteristics, with pure and fresh quietly elegant contracted style is given priority to, product suite, four sets, quilt, pillow core and other ten series and a variety of styles. Dainty materials, fashionable, well-made, moderate price is reasonable. Product design combining Chinese culture and modern fashion, its contracted fashion style and moderate price product advantage is deep the customer favor, and modern management idea to peers are hard to follow.
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