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by:TONDA     2020-05-27
Now the curtain, from heat insulation, sound insulation to uv protection, dustproof, waterproof, can be said to be fully functional. Whether drape, gauze shade, shutter, bamboo curtains or blinds, each have each advantage. Must, therefore, we choose according to need, ask again to buy. Cannot little cloth curtain cloth curtain shading cloth is the most common in the sitting room and bedroom. For visual effect and use convenient, we would will gauze shade and drape collocation used. However, if you to the room curtain shading degree now are not satisfied, don't have to rush in a new, as long as in the original on add a layer of shading cloth drapes. Used by shading cloth material is a little similar to an umbrella, although thin, but a shading cloth can have very good insulation, prevent bask in, such as uv protection effect. But note that most of shading cloth sewing or paste together with cloth curtain, little independent into a curtain. Because shading cloth itself more frivolous, if not follow drape pull is not convenient, no sense, for the shading effect will also have an effect. Due to the multi-layer cloth curtain look sedate atmosphere, and noble. So, the most suitable for use in the living room and master bedroom. Shutter PVC material can keep out ultraviolet high-quality shutter shade, sound insulation, safety and convenience. It is generally divided into two types of manual and automatic, if need can also be used with manual lock, as long as you are locked inside, curtain, it's very difficult to open from the outside; And drape is different, if the joint of shutter and Windows processing good, can have very good sound insulation effect. Although can't be one hundred percent soundproof, also can solve many problems. From the perspective of the shade of the shutter is not heavy drapes effect is good. But if the shutter is the use of the PVC material, its ultraviolet prevention effect is very good also. Under normal circumstances, the shutter is suitable for use in the study, recreation room, especially the younger children's room. Because, the patterns of the shutter is more active, also not easy to be a child pull bad. Venetian blinds metal material and heat insulation good blinds, vertical blinds, and bamboo curtain is to control the light, to protect privacy, clever ventilation, and beautify the space. They, unlike all other Windows curtain will keep out, if you like, you can according to need to adjust the light, make indoor environment to achieve harmony and unity; Because they are light and not a whole, therefore, ventilated breathe freely is simple; The curtain of the more flexible, modelling is rich, design also many to choose from. It is important to note that not all the blinds has function of heat insulation, with heat insulation coating of metal blinds and thermal insulation material of the fabric included class blinds usually have fairly good heat insulation effect. Venetian blinds is concise and agile, and facilitate the daily clean, fit in with the simple bedroom space, study, such as the gym in the home is given priority to with function space, also can be used. In addition, magnesium alloy has a strong function of waterproof, anti-corrosion, Venetian blinds is very good also, the most suitable for use in toilet, kitchen and so on is given priority to with function space. Furniture is given priority to with the curtain cloth art brand are numbered in the city, and the price on the high side, and not very suitable for ordinary consumers. As long as you do not buy fake goods, the curtain on the market from quality to the appearance can also satisfy our daily use. The curtain to choose note first, not hearsay. Because there are tens of thousands of species, making curtain materials mixed, we could not understand them one by one. So don't listen to the merchant's story and have a preconceived notions, be sure to shop around. Second, do it yourself. Listen to also start work as oneself try more elastic and feel of the curtain. The curtain is mostly made of fiber and fabric, elastic nature is the key. You can use the hand clutching a curtain, and then suddenly let go, if the fabric is good, it will not appear fold under the status of bounce off immediately. In addition, you can also gently stroked fabrics, feel is gentle but not acerbity fabric nature where is not bad. Third, according to the quality of a material to choose the curtain. The quality of a material is different of the curtain, adornment effect is different also. When choosing curtain, should first consider the functionality of the room. Function strong bathroom, kitchen, etc. , choose the cloth with strong practicability. Style is given priority to with simple, clean, smooth; Sitting room and bedroom pay attention to privacy, fabric thicker to had not suited most; Study should choose light fabrics with good sex, it helps to relax and think. No matter what, when to buy the curtain must according to decorate style and personal needs, choose to suit oneself with the good quality of curtain, don't hearsay.
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