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by:TONDA     2020-05-26
Curtain, not only can keep out the light, dust, and the protection of privacy, but also for family adornment effect also cannot be ignored. So when we choose the curtain also notice the collocation of the curtain and indoor effect. So what choose the curtain color, the color and how to match? Below small make up to you in detail the curtain color knowledge. Curtain needs knowledge of choose and buy color curtain can be strong light, can be spent, different colour foil different atmosphere. Yellow, yellow, can enrich the levels and decorative curtain, soft can reflect concise beauty. Yellow, also give a person a kind of the feeling of sunshine, build a harmonious and quiet household atmosphere. Red red, give a person a kind of passion and excitement of feeling, can let a person produce anxiety and depressive mood, so generally don't recommend big red curtains, general indoor use is bright red or pink, give a person the feeling of sweet romance. Green, green, whether the grass green curtain of dense or light colored light green screen window, can let a person shine at the moment. Collocation appropriately, can add some clever texture, presents a kind of beautiful and lively atmosphere of the bedroom. Blue, blue is the color of a kind of elegant composed of different shades show different visual effects. Shallow blue mood letting a person pure and fresh quietly elegant, quiet and comfortable; Dark blue quiet sedate, give a person the sense of safe and reliable. Purple, purple represents the noble, also represents a mystery. Can improve the temperament of the bedroom, let a person look at romantic, elegant, very suitable for to those who love surprises. But when general indoor adornment effect, is not fit with purple curtain. White white, appear natural, graceful and restrained, elegant, give a person the feeling of find the scenery pleasing to both the. Can very good through the sunshine, hazy feeling to the person. Color selection on coordination. The color of the curtain should be coordinated with the furniture of the room, and inside the bedroom decorate style harmonious, coordinated with indoor metope, ground, ceiling, to form a unified and harmonious beauty as a whole. A: if the wall is white or light white, furniture is yellow or gray, the curtain should choose orange. 2: if the wall is light blue, furniture is light yellow, curtain appropriate chooses white with blue color. 3: if the walls are yellow or pale yellow, furniture is purple, black or brown, curtain appropriate chooses yellow or golden yellow. Four: if the wall is light green lake, furniture is yellow, green, or brown, the curtain chooses green or light green is preferred. According to different indoor style choice curtain color style to decorating elements and color has certain requirements, cooperate with the overall style to match also can make the whole environment has become more harmonious. Modern, Nordic, minimalist uniting feature is the simple, black and white ash or low-key dark blue, deep purple is right choice. European-style, French, British commonness is noble and elegant, gold, silver, white can highlight elegant and comfortable. The Mediterranean, the American village, Korean rural all have towards nature, light sky blue, white, and brown, create a natural feeling. Chinese, Japanese, southeast Asia represents a strong ethnic color, so what kind of color according to choose the best furniture of choose and buy.
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