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The curtain factory curtain color choices and furniture collocation - tell you Tonda home textiles co. , LTD

by:TONDA     2020-05-30
There're so many people for the choice of the curtain is just pay attention to the material of the curtains, decorative pattern, accessories, etc. , it is hard to focus on the collocation with the overall domestic act the role ofing, and some curtain factory will not provide professional opinions, just to sell the curtain and sell the curtain! In all the colors, the most warm crimson, suitable for use in winter. If the curtain color is too deep, time is long, can make the person mood depression; Color is too bright is not good, some couples like to choose the curtain of bright colors, but time grows, can cause visual fatigue, make the person mood be agitated. In fact, might as well go to numerous is Jane, to choose the color of light green, light blue and other natural, pure and fresh, can make person mood cheerful; Easy to suffer from insomnia, can try to choose red, black with curtains, help to sleep as soon as possible. The curtain of sitting room choose warm color design, can give a person the sense with hospitality, if be mesh wire netting ornament, will enhance the artistic charm of whole room. The study of the curtain is better to neutral slants cold tonal, light green, dark green, light blue for the crown of all kinds. The Lord shall choose a smooth color, static bedroom color curtain, such as light brown color, the furniture of palm red can match cream-colored curtain, orange, white furniture can match light brown, shallow blue, cream-colored curtain, make the room appears quiet and tastefully laid out and not cold, warm and not tacky. Dining room, yellow and orange can increase appetite, white has the feeling of clean. In general, the curtain should be close to the ground color, such as the ground is purple, the curtain is available in pink, peach and so on similar to the color of the ground, but it is not the same, if room area is lesser, chestnut red, then choose chestnut red curtains, will appear narrow room. So, the local surface with strong color contrast, furniture can choose ground color as the center; Ground color with weak furniture color contrast, can choose furniture color as the center; If the ground color and the furniture color are not as a reference, also can choose the color according to the light color, orange light warm color department, can match rice white, fruit-green cool color department, such as ivory neutral light system, the optional cream-colored, shallow coffee, reddish warm color department, etc. Choose the curtain must know the color, the color each character. Yellow, gentle, quiet; Green, yangxin, raise eye; Red, festival, gorgeous; Brown, composed, mature; Purple and rose; Profound and complicated, expensive; Cyan, SuiYuan, dark; Blue, quiet and spacious. According to the different characteristics of the bedroom, can choose the color of the different 'character'. The curtain of the sitting room, choose warm color, enthusiasm and luxury. The study, it is best to green. Bedroom, choose color balance, static color curtain is better. Restaurant, with white is good, if do bottom in yellow. Open to try to adorn with white, can act as the icing on the cake, the light slants dark the north room, apply neutral slants cold tonal, elegant emotional appeal. Daylighting is good sun room, millet, red or yellow curtains, will adjust light into tender astigmatism. Curtain colour choice, also is 'coordination'. Curtain tonal, texture, shall be coordinated with the furniture of the room, coordinated with the style of the decoration inside the bedroom, coordinated with indoor metope, ground, ceiling, to form a unified and harmonious beauty as a whole. But you don't forget, color coordinated with your mental perception, color preferences, is the key, give a person the psychological feeling bad match colors: red and green. Green and orange; Red and blue; Yellow and purple. The mismatch is embodied in the curtain, curtain with the ground and collocation of the color of furniture, curtains and bed cover. Curtain walls and furniture slant yellow tones, colors to use cream-colored, apricot yellow. Such colors, although to a harmonious whole, but, if you are in the bedroom to stay for a long time, so the color feel psychological 'halo', should choose light blue, green wait for color is quite reasonable. As another example, weak light green metope, adopting the green curtain, uniform color, but give a person the feeling slants cold, with shallow tonal to warm color to move, is not the problem, just the color contrast shoulds not be too big.
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