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by:TONDA     2020-05-26
Curtain is to the modern family, not only sunshade windbreak effect, more coordinate is adornment bedroom is tonal. Therefore, choose a good curtain cloth art adornment is an important link. Brand home textiles spinning home textiles aika consultant warm prompt, when the curtain of choose and buy should pay attention to the following matters. On the quality of a material selection, to comprehensively consider the function of the room, the light intensity and seasonal factors. Bathroom, kitchen should choose practical, easy to wash cloth, simple style makes every effort to smooth; Sitting room, dining-room is fully guarantee is not subject to the influence of outside light and noise, appropriate chooses thickness strong fabric; Study curtain should choose good pervious to light, bright cloth, colour quietly elegant, helps to relax and think. In addition the light is enough, can choose gauze, thin cotton or silk cloth. Proper accessories accessories will have lifted the curtain. These accessories should be harmony with the curtain itself temperament, tie-in disorders of avoid by all means. Such as silk belt has a noble, elegant noble temperament, can match the ceramic sedate and easy hook; Concise and easy, individual character make up plait belt, can match cabinet, fashionable, wrought iron small hooks; Decorative flowers don't curtain split between both parts, can also be used to shade the adornment of the head. Chic design and color choices will have unexpected harvest. Choose the appropriate design and color, for the whole room is designed in the form of foil is a big help, but tonal harmony. Plain coloured curtain, concise without procrastination; The curtain of shallow grain, and do not break elegant atmosphere; Rural small lines or flower curtain cloth, diffuse fragrance; Big flower pattern, low-key costly, always have a like your heart. Color of choose and buy is ultimately make the finishing point. When choosing color, with light color attune of choose and buy advisable, formaldehyde exceeds bid, dyeing fastness of risk will be smaller. At the same time, the color of the curtain should be adapted to the indoor mass-tone attune, complementary color or kind close color are allowed, and small area by the contrast of tonal changes in temperature can play the role of the ornament. The expert still reminds, buy back the curtain should be fully soaked in clean water, washing, in order to reduce the formaldehyde content in the residue on the fabric, after washing the best curtain cloth in the outdoor ventilated place dry, and then use. ( Spinning le home home textiles)
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