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by:TONDA     2020-05-29
Choose the curtain, how to properly harmony with the style of the room? How to avoid the consumption trap and make money's worth? All this has become the focus of our concern. Only four steps to teach you choose cloth curtain first determine the overall style. Bedroom to decorate the whole style and color use, determine the general direction of the curtain to pick, then according to the different function such as sitting room, bedroom, dining-room range, choose different material and design and color of the curtain. Super comfortable having rich experience deserve to act the role of the designer can be door-to-door service, according to the actual circumstance of the bedroom to provide the reference opinion, on-site fabrics collocation, allowing you to see the actual effect, and according to the size of the budget. Secondly, according to spatial pattern. Larger pattern gives a person with intense visual wallop, rendering strong style, suitable for larger space; Romantic floral and other smaller pattern, can make a person feel warm, quiet, and can make the space has expanded, so is suitable for the small room. The pattern, pattern of the curtain, will all fall, have stereo feeling. Spacing interval, density interaction. Side curtain draw the pattern to the gathering. Only four steps to teach you choose cloth curtain and then choose the appropriate color. The color of the curtain should be existing large area and indoor tonal photograph echo, but have to differ with metope color, reflect the administrative levels of the facade color. Such as room furniture is dark brown, the color of the curtain can't choose too deep, too deep will feel boring, not spacious. Curtain to close in the evening, the configuration of the color of the curtain also coordinated with lights. Using ordinary light bulbs, light yellow, the color of the curtain shoulds not be too deep; If use fluorescent lamp, white light, the color of the curtain can be a bit. Finally, focus on window rail. Curtain window rail is key to the overall appearance and durable sex. Window rail strong degree, smooth degree, and the size of the noise is the main window track quality standards, and its quality determines the curtains open and close smoothly.
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