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by:TONDA     2020-04-08
We have a lot of people in the selection of home textile products, perhaps only pay attention to its appearance, and ignore the check whether the quality pass, the existence of pollution and so on. Actually if you don't pay attention to choose home textiles products, will cause harm for our health. To master a certain knowledge and skills, will make eye more 'sharp', see together! Curtain of choose and buy the formaldehyde according to authoritative organization investigation, by the world health organization (who) for a class of carcinogens formaldehyde has become China's current city new decorate family of main pollutants, 6 into the above new decorate family is more than the formaldehyde in the indoor environment control standards of the state. But most consumers only know formaldehyde from the family is decorated use man-made board, composite floor or furniture, do not know the indoor decoration and decorative cloth, curtain cloth art furniture, can cause indoor environment formaldehyde pollution. Sales of safety and quality of the curtain on the market at present does not pass? Aimed at consumers in the curtain to choose and buy the status quo of city, often reporter recently commissioned association of Chinese interior decoration indoor environment monitoring center, the sale of part of the curtain on the market on the basis of the comparison experiment, the results showed that some varieties of samples detected with a certain amount of formaldehyde. And this experiment make the samples are already sold on the market, and exposes a certain time in the air samples, still found formaldehyde, should attract the attention of consumers. of choose and buy more important inner association of Chinese interior decoration indoor environment monitoring center expert warns customer: when buying a curtain cloth to note: 1, smell peculiar smell. If the peculiar smell of the product sends out a stimulus, there may be have formaldehyde residue, had better not be bought; 2, choose design and color. When choosing color, with light color attune of choose and buy advisable, formaldehyde exceeds bid, dyeing fastness of risk will be smaller; 3, see varieties. The choose and buy the shrink proof, crease resistant, soft, flat quite when finishing the fabric and curtain products be careful, pay attention to the fabric label is formaldehyde content. In addition, when using, pay attention to: 1, to buy back the curtain should be fully soaked in clean water, washed, in order to reduce the formaldehyde content in the residue on the fabric; 2, some of the direct contact with the skin such as sheet, quilt cover textiles also contains formaldehyde inside, must be washed again after use. 3, conditional can hang curtain cloth in the outdoor ventilated place after washing drying, and then use. 4, if the room window is more, can choose the curtain of different materials, such as Venetian blinds, shutter, etc. 5, can also buy bracketplant, such as green plant, on the window sill can effectively absorb the release of formaldehyde, such as the curtain fully purify air
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