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by:TONDA     2020-05-29
The curtain is necessary decorations, but at curtains hang easy because polluted by dust and dirty, because the curtain is very big, so a lot of people think that the cleaning of the curtain time very upset things, if you have trouble, the following is a small conclusion of cleaning the curtains: 1, bamboo and wood products using this kind of curtain shade of your home, so we suggest you had better spray before use stripping cleaning agent ( Furniture wax protection also line) Every 1 - 3 months with dry cloth to wipe with wool or stroke. Avoid by all means use wet cloth to wipe, lest leave print. Some wooden shutter is really necessary, the cleaning with water application soft brush with mild detergent ( Such as detergent or washing powder, etc. ) Clean, rinse thoroughly with water, wipe dry after ( Should not be in the sun insolates, otherwise easy to rub off) 。 In general shutter shade of domestic paint or wood material is easier to fade after the exposure ( Imported materials does not generally) , but will not affect the use, usually a cloth or brush, after a few months can use wet cloth to wipe off the curtain, or with a mild detergent, Such as detergent or washing powder, etc. ) The water is swabbed can. After fully dry, can release agent for each line and braking under the spray. 3, the curtain that canvas or hemp make due to the particularity of the material, so this kind of curtain difficult to dry after washing, so this kind of curtain is best not to directly into the water to clean, can dip in with sponge mixture liquid of some of wen shui or soap solution, ammonia solution to wipe, after waiting for air, coil can. Window lintel, curtains, Especially the lace) With clear water will lacy antependium, adding soda water washing ( Half a bucket of water to the 10 grams soda) , and then use warm washing powder water or soap bath twice a day. When you wash gently knead, the final rinse. When dry, should be put in clean the table and makes it dry, or on the framework to dry. Need to tidy up the wash thing when dry, with pin positioning, finally with the iron. 4, roller or soft finished current is used most widely in the family the curtains. This kind of curtain when cleaning had closed the window first, spray on its right amount clear water or polish, then use dry cloth, can make the curtain to keep the clean bright for a long time. The curtain rope, can use a soft bristle brush wipe gently. If the curtain is dirtier, can dip in with dishcloth some warm water soluble detergent, solution of ammonia of usable also a few is wiped. Some parts of useful glue, pay attention to the position of these don't water, some more high-grade finished curtain can be waterproof, wouldn't have to be careful with water. 5, the curtain of common fabric for some made of ordinary cloth curtain, can use wet cloth to scrub, can also according to the conventional method in clean water or washing machine to clean, neutral detergent. Easy shrink fabric should be dry-cleaned, as far as possible to avoid size.
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