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The curtain factory tell you what color of the curtain is helpful to sleep - Tonda home textiles co. , LTD

by:TONDA     2020-05-09
The curtains in the room in a strong position, so in a sense determines the look of a room, also reflects the master life taste and interest. In fact, in addition to decorative function, the material of the curtain, function, comfortable degree also is closely related to our health. Points from the material, the curtain of cotton, hemp, yarn quality, silks and satins, flocking, bamboo qualitative, synthetic fibers, etc. Among them, the curtain of cotton, hemp is the commonly used material, easy to wash and change, is suitable for the bedroom; Gauze qualitative curtain adornment sex is strong, can increase the depth and good pervious to light, suitable for in the sitting room, balcony, Silks and satins, flocking curtain fine texture, luxury is gorgeous, the effect of shading sound insulation good, but the price is relatively high; Bamboo curtain texture clear, daylighting effect is good, and wear resistance, moistureproof, mouldproof, do not fade, is suitable for the sitting room and balcony; Artificial fiber curtain more hard, easy to wash and durable, covering positive good; Shutters at present relatively popular, when the choice, can touch your blade is smooth, first to have burrs, and then try to hang curtain flat, see if open flexible, finally turn the adjusting lever, check whether leaves turn freely; In addition, some wooden curtain will use adhesive, easy cause indoor pollution, home with young children, the elderly or pregnant women to be careful to choose. People when the curtain of choose and buy, often consider is its adornment sex, in fact, more attention should be paid to the following several aspects. The noise. Studies indicate that when the indoor noise pollution at 30 decibels continuously, disrupts people's normal sleep. So, choose a is very important for the curtain has sound-absorbing effect, quality of a material to flocking, cotton, hemp, is preferred. In general, the thick curtain sound-absorbing the better the results, good quality curtain can reduce 10%, 20% of the outside noise. Shading. If you want to have a comfortable afternoon nap during the day, it is best to choose a bedroom have effect of shading curtain, qualitative or flocking fabric is best. And study, generally do not need too strong light inside dining-room, can choose shutter, so that the light regulation. To keep warm. To keep warm in winter, the curtain will need to consider, flocking fabric thick curtain, warmth retention property is better. According to the research of the Japanese interior designer, in all the colors, the most warm crimson, suitable for use in winter. What color of the curtains help to adjust the mood of sleep. If the curtain color is too deep, time is long, can make the person mood depression; Color is too bright is not good, some couples like to choose the curtain of bright colors, but time grows, can cause visual fatigue, make the person mood be agitated. In fact, might as well go to numerous is Jane, to choose the color of light green, light blue and other natural, pure and fresh, can make person mood cheerful; Easy to suffer from insomnia, can try to choose red, black with curtains, help to sleep as soon as possible. Don't choose the curtain of the price is too low, because some cheap curtain encounters fire inflammable, and the curtain with good quality with fireproof performance, general family's safety guaranteed.
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