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by:TONDA     2020-05-29
In terms of curtain color dark curtain appears solemn generous; Light color attune, pervious to light quality of thin curtain cloth had better, can build give a kind of solemn concise, easy and bright visual effect. The sitting room the color of the curtain is best selection from the sofa decorative pattern. For instance on the meaning type sofa of white with pink and green, often I might as well choose pink or green curtain cloth, can mutual echo. If indoor and tonal and downy, and in order to make the curtain more adornment effect, can use the technique of sharp contrast, such as the walls of the yellow curtains draped violet; On the other hand, if inside the sitting room has bright colours of landscape painting, color or other more decorations, furniture, etc. , the curtain is best simple but elegant. Equipped with large area glass observation window, it is advisable to use the Roman curtain. Roman shade has two advantages: it is a cloth, the second is shade come up is cascading shape, rich stereo feeling, save a space. Using the Roman shade splicing method, adornment effect is very good, tie-in contemporary feeling or continental decorate a style, very harmonious. Living room curtain how to choose the curtain with what color? Under the following simple with A few small case to illustrate: the owner A: my house wall is white, the sofa is light color, sitting room curtains in what color is better? The owner of the house of A living room floor is rice white, mainly choose the warm color department tan stripe curtain curtain to create A simple but not drab atmosphere, through the ornament of murals, sofa pillow, whole sitting room is empty. Owner B: living room furniture color is light color, the floor is white, with what color curtain? B of the sitting room is decorated with contemporary and contracted decorate owner for fundamental key, after the designer's proposal, the owners choose the curtain that light color fastens, B added a mural on the wall, the whole sitting room space, relaxed and pleasant. Because the walls are white department, in order to avoid the sitting room is too drab, green potted let a sitting room is full of vitality. Owner C: black and white style of the sitting room, the curtain with what color? In this modern black and white style of the sitting room, chose the floor of the black, white sofa collocation, white frame up to the punchline. Slants cool sitting room color combination, if choose cool color department curtain, whole sitting room is in a rigid situation, choose the curtain of tan, the administrative levels of the sitting room immediately show out! D: owner the brick and wall of the sitting room is beige, the curtain with what color is good, good sofa with what color? Owner D door model for a small family, sitting room belongs to the compact. Curtain wall brick of the sitting room and chose cream-colored color, appropriate choice of yellow, very warm a sitting room, chose the striped sofa, fresh and practical, the whole little sitting room looks bright and comfortable! The owner E: sky blue TV setting wall, the sitting room curtains to match what colors look good! Owner E sitting room floor of light color fastens, TV setting wall, sky-blue body wall white, blue for beige sofa, white, other furniture choose the collocation fastens with color in blue curtain, whole sitting room not only modern, more do not have a different region amorous feelings. Typical of the romantic Mediterranean style.
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