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The curtain factory to teach you how to choose the curtain - common sense Tonda home textiles co. , LTD

by:TONDA     2020-05-28
The curtain has an important position in people's life. In the latest architectural design, big French window, balcony, glass partition has become a fashion, to match the curtain of the grade also increase accordingly. In the new decorating a bedroom, public places, the cost of the curtain is also increasing. Sunshade curtain, pervious to light, soft, sweet will make you feel comfortable and pleasant. The curtain is moving picture, is the wall of change, is the silent music. With the improvement of people's living standard, the curtain is very wide market. The function of the curtain: the dimming and illicit is close, sun protection and heat insulation, sound insulation and dust filtering, beautiful and health care, etc. The kinds of the curtain: the style of the curtain has vertical curtain, waves, between, tying in, hanging type and open up and down. Appropriate curtain style can correct the proportion of bad window, have the effect of equilibrium in space. In general, high and narrow window, can choose the length of the short curtain just over the window sill, and through a window frame, on both sides to try to expose the largest window, can make the effect increases the width, and shorten the window. Wide and short window, can choose high long curtain, curtain, let the shade curtain close to the window frame, cover window frame width, make up for the inadequacy of the length. At the same time, the use of the different room, choose the curtain also should be different. Such as the kitchen window, curtain and window. Sitting room or large room to choose floor long curtains, appear with handsome. Length is longer than the windowsill 20 - average room curtain About 30 cm, width to the out of 16 cm is advisable. ( 1) Between type. This is one of the most common curtain model. This style is monotonous, without any decoration, size, casual, suspension and the lift is very simple, suitable for small area of the window, the window of the more commonly used in kitchen, toilet. It is divided into side between type and double side between type. ( 2) Lift the curtain type. This form is also very common, it can be to tie a bow in the middle of the curtain decorative, curtain can lift your head to the side, also can lift, on both sides to form a soft curves, very good-looking, this kind of curtain model users more. ( 3) Although basically. This kind of style do you want a bit more complicated, but adornment effect is better, it can block to compare rough curtain rod and the distance from the curtain at the top and the roof, appear indoor more neat and beautiful. ( 4) Lift type ( Lift) 。 This kind of curtain can lift up and down according to the strength of the light, when only sunlight to half of the window, lift the curtain does not affect daylighting, can shade again, this style is suitable for the width of less than 1. The window of 5 meters. ( 5) Stationary window. This kind of curtain up and down, respectively, of the on the two curtain rail, then put the curtain rail is fixed on the frame, can be between, also can use lace or bow in the middle, this style is suitable for the bathroom or toilet.
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