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by:TONDA     2020-05-27
The choice of the curtain is particularly important because it affects the whole colour collocation of the sitting room, and the factors affecting the choice of the curtain, another big sitting room is the price, so many friends to the curtain of the sitting room price is concerned, how to choose the most cost-effective curtain? First, many people measure good measure in order to save trouble, let the cloth or sells door-to-door measurements of curtain rod, package installed, it is not necessary. Take measurement window width, pay attention to add window width, best to two sides to add 10 cm, and then take 2 times ( This is the standard of the curtain fold than 1:2, if you don't need to fold can not take the cheapest 2) The curtain in meters, is you need. Second, choose curtain rod curtain rod is usually metal or wood, metals are generally hollow, if special long window, selling bar will give you cut into two, available special connector plug in among them, so we would not install, too difficult to carry. Position has many ring curtain rod and two head decorated with beautiful head, the beauty is generous. Curtain rod is suitable for use, in the light and curtain style together, increase the adornment colour. Third, choose the curtain cloth fabric has a lot of kinds, look at your bedroom style and color collocation, some gauze shade curtain itself and form a complete set of drape, some need to choose a suitable. Also consider material, cotton, chemical fiber, cotton and linen, pure linen, brocade, etc. Small pattern curtain applied to metope, marked design is used in large Windows. Small room with cool color department, large room with warm color department, can according to indoor wallpaper, sofa, carpet, the color of the floor to the selected.
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