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by:TONDA     2020-05-26
Curtain as an important part of home decoration, in addition to the privacy protection, adjust the action of light, elegant high-end curtain can also make the home more sweet, fashion, romantic. As people the pursuit of quality of domestic outfit is higher and higher, the market demand of high-end curtain also is more and more big, the consumers of high-grade fabrics of the type of the curtain and also increasingly picky, many consumers, however, ignore the maintenance of the curtain dust removal. On the market at present there are many kinds of upscale curtain fabrics, fabrics are cotton, linen, polyester, real silk, also can mix knitted from several kinds of raw materials. Light, thin, transparent or translucent cloth, cotton, polyester cotton blended fabric, glass yarn, fine mesh fabric, lace and voile, etc. ; Medium thickness of opaque cloth, a fancy weave cotton cloth, nylon and its blended fabric, poor mesh cloth; Sliding surface cloth, if brush smooth calico, antique satin, silk and cotton moire, etc. High-end curtain can make the room feel sense of luxury, expensive fabric but don't have to spend a lot of money to the pursuit of gorgeous, as long as the notice with the display inside the room the grade of the match. In addition, the quality of a material of cloth to indoor decorate the style and atmosphere has important influence, such as fully thin materials to make people feel cool, heavy material, make the bedroom produces the warm feeling. Is you select high-end curtain, the curtain of the late maintain clean and also very important, many consumers a hanging curtain in the home is a year, some families even two or three years not to wash again. Recently, the media has launched a survey about 'clean' curtain, a total of more than ten thousand people attended, nearly seven adults said they would clean the curtain, but nearly sixty percent of people clean only once in a year or more than one year, at ordinary times is not cleaned regularly. Is the closest to the window curtain, curtain outside the dust first arrived. If long suspension is not to clean, stained with a lot of dust and dust mites, especially the darker curtain, if indoor and ventilated bad, wet or metope, also easy to mildew or other bacteria, which is one of the important causes of indoor air quality is poor. Suggestion, so every two weeks otherwise it will with a clean wet cloth to wipe the dust on the curtain, especially families with children or pets in the home, to thoroughly clean once half a year. Curtain can be directly on the washing machine, dry cleaning, after washing in a sunny place, reoccupy after drying, or hang up directly, not only convenient to dry, it's free air humidifier. Remember, don't put the curtain in the washing machine dehydration or drying, easy to deformation caused by curtain. Such as home people with respiratory diseases or other infectious disease, when cleaning the curtains, best to disinfect. On the choice of the curtain material, had better not choose cotton curtain, because cotton softer, easier to absorb dirt, suggested that choose fibre material, permeability is good. Secondly, the style of the curtain too multifarious, as simple as possible, cumbersome not only have a window screen curtain and curtain, window curtain and accessories, it is easy to gather dust particles and bacteria, and these substances cause respiratory diseases such as the culprit. Finally, after buying a new curtains don't immediately hang up, the best cleaning once again. Because new curtains to contain MianTangJi and flame retardant, releases formaldehyde, adverse to health. High-end curtain cleans the point: wet cloth are available, and also can according to the conventional method is to use a neutral detergent wash or machine wash. Curtain avoid dehydration after cleaning, drying, and should be natural airing, lest destroy the simple sense; The curtain of special material, had better send cleaners cleaning, to prevent deformation. Hebei home home textiles telephone: 13933843201 united people: guo jianxin The manager) Hebei home home textiles address: hebei shijiazhuang changan area rose park east gate no. 8 shops on the second floor
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