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The difference between the home textile knowledge: flannel and coral fleece - Tonda home textiles co. , LTD

by:TONDA     2020-04-17
Flannel with coral fleece are surface with soft nap, wearing a good fabric feels comfortable and warm effect. But in terms of technology and raw materials, these two kinds of fabric is completely different. Roman Roland home textiles from this to introduce you to two points: 1. Ingredients: flannel is the wool raw material, and coral fleece is polyester fiber, the two are quite different. , due to the different raw materials made of finished product also have different, more thick flannel fabrics, wool density very close, and some relatively sparse hairs density of coral fleece. There is slightly better than his touch and the warmth retention property, and flannel coral fleece. 2. Process: the two kinds of fabrics using process are also different. Flannel fabrics will be will be dyed wool before weaving skills, participation in primary wool blended weave, generally use the twill and plain weave, at the same time also need to deal with the after milling and hair. Coral fleece fabric weaving process is mainly through the heating, deformation, cooling, finalize the design, weaving process are improved year by year and upgrading, constantly adding new technology, make the fabric more rich administrative levels feeling and rich color. From the above introduction can be found, flannel and coral fleece is a big difference, consumers can choose according to their own actual situation appropriate products.
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