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by:TONDA     2020-04-10
'To the style as the guidance, as the main body with furniture, cloth art home textiles soft match as the core, to provide customers with diversified overall soft outfit service' - — This is haining fabric soft outfit technology co. , LTD. The positioning of the enterprise, to oneself also says the current overall soft outfit industry overall business model, that is, from the present condition of housing, the be fond of according to the customer for the overall design, space planning and match style of furniture, cloth art home textiles decoration items such as organic collocation and integration, the flexibility and randomness at the same time, will also ensure the sex of a whole household style, build an atmosphere of beautiful and unified whole. 'Eight categories' refers to the furniture, curtain, cloth art, accessories, lamps and lanterns, carpet, wallpaper, wall cloth, eight soft outfit products to hang a picture to organic integration of 'four latitude' is refers to the overall soft outfit clear theme, the style is unified, elements, echo, cooperate the spatial structure. So, how will the 'eight' category from the 'four latitude' organic integration? Cost diluted price highlight advantages relative to the separate purchase products undertakes collocation, the overall advantages of soft outfit besides is to provide integrated design, there are more obvious advantages on price. The personage inside course of study says, because to remove the middle of the circulation, and upstream manufacturers and large batch orders compressible unit price, so the final price will be 20% to 30% lower than separate purchases. Space from 'selling products' to 'sell' 'domestic outfit is cloth art before separate products such as curtain, sofa, carpet, and now the whole soft outfit offers consumers a new way of life solution,' from a purely to sell cloth curtain, do overall soft outfit to the integration of channels, the expansion of scale not only reflected in the integration of the category of diversification, growth in sales is by leaps and bounds. Development appeared too many pain points in such a rapid pace, soft outfit is still a whole new industry, and the new industry will exist to grow too fast of pain points and obstacles. Pain points of the whole soft outfit industry now is still the high cost of store operations and channel integration, greatly compress the profit space. 'High cost less than optimal model reflects the industry, manufacturers, prices, sales cannot satisfy consumer demand. At the same time, the product added value is not high, the lack of core technology, serious impact on the competitiveness of products in domestic and international high-end market. 'Also have the personage inside course of study points out, in the overall soft outfit industry developing rapidly, many traditional cloth art, furniture enterprise transformation blindly, in addition to expand the service scope, its core is still maintained the original pattern of the industry, traditional home outfit can not make substantive transformation and upgrading. Under the influence of the Internet home outfit, industry growing homogeneity is to be reckoned with the negative effects of the competition. Vertical and horizontal linkage to promote industry development for the future of the industry development direction on the 'horizontal integration' and 'vertical linkage' two big 'prescription'. 'On the one hand, to promote science overall soft outfit mode and 'homes' mode, accelerate the industry to develop in the direction of production services, bring more affordable and surprise to consumer, promoting industry, circulation channels and consumer services. In recent years in our country, on the other hand, perfecting on the development of the textile industry chain, to use science and technology, enhance the technology content of products, to achieve a major breakthrough in the technology, make the multidisciplinary joint innovation, is the direction of industry transformation and upgrading. ”
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